The Rafters Podcast Ep. 2: Marcus Smart Tried To Kill A Man

Your boys are back and in a shocking turn of events, we’re talking some round ball.

The Celtics are on a 4 game win streak led by some dominant play by superstar conspiracist Kyrie Irving. We talk the last 4 games and preview the upcoming cage match against Golden State on Saturday

Marcus Smart once again attempts to pull out the ol’ fisticuffs maneuver. This time at the hands of Deandre Bembry, a man who many have heard of and even more have not.

Klay Thompson gets hot like no other player can, hitting his first 10 threes against the Lakers. We discuss Stephen A Smith’s idea of Klay potentially joining the Lakers, and we ponder how much influence marijuana laws have on Klay’s free agency.

The Rockets trade ‘Melo to the Bulls to clear space for Kenneth Faried. We discuss if ‘Melo is ever gonna actually play again. Riley is way too big a fan of Kenneth Faried.

All Star fan voting has closed. Luka Donic has the entirety of Europe propelling him to 3rd place among all players. Kyrie and Jason Tatum look to be locks for the ASG. Riley and Connor give their All-Star starting lineups.

Jake Layman is a future hall of famer. Riley will continue to say that until the day he (or Layman) dies.

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Marcus Smart Tried to Kill A Man

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