Will the Celtics-Sixers Rivalry be heightened because of Horford?

The best sport in the world is back and I couldn’t be more happy because frankly the NFL sucks and the Yankees got eliminated so I don’t have much to root for.  Last night the NBA opened up with some decent games.  NO and Toronto was a fun little game to watch until Siakam got fouled out, and then the NBA gave us what some people think will be the Western Conference Finals.  However, what people don’t understand is that the Lakers are a terrible 5-seed at best, and the Clippers rightfully handed it to them.

But we don’t have to wait much longer Celtics nation because in 4 hours our Quest for 18 is back on!  A lot of people are counting out the Celtics this year because Milwaukee stayed the same and because Philly signed Al Horford (it still hurts) from the Celtics this free agency.  So it makes me think, does Horford put Philly finally over the Celtics in this rivalry?

Horford was one of the best players to ever (yes, EVER) come and play in Boston.  He was one of the biggest free agent signings in Celtics history.  People actually forget that Boston isn’t the biggest free agency market, and we don’t have a history of signing big time free agents.  But Horford will always hold a special place in Celtics’ fan’s hearts because he was one of the big first FA to come and play for us.  Unfortunately, Horford played his way into a max deal and the Celtics were caught with their pants down.

I want to start this paragraph off right, and by telling all 76ers fans that you have absolutely not shot at a title in the coming future and Jayson Tatum is still better than your whole team.  Soooooooooooo no, no Horford won’t give Philly any edge in this rivalry.  Horford brings a lot to the table like his leadership, consistent play, and defense against younger talent.  But, he is also 34 years old, and Philly still has players who can’t take that step forward to make big time plays in big time moments.  Not saying the Celtics are any better, but they have a proven track record against Philly, and I truly believe the Celtics are a better team, even with Horford on the 76ers.

Tonight’s game should be good.  I think all the drunk Philly fans will come out and cheer on the Flyers and support their QB Carson Wentz after a bad loss to the Cowboys last week.  I expect us good ole Celtics fans to come into Philly and make it a home game to support the guys.  I’m really excited to see how Kemba and Tatum play together, will Hayward finally be back?, will Jaylen Brown show us he was worth max money.  I’m also excited to see how Philly plays with Horford and Embiid on the court at the same time, will Bitch Simmons attempt a three, will Brett Brown be out coached for his 1000th game in row?  It’s all so interesting.  The Celtics and Sixers rivalry might finally be “even” after 3 years of just killing them every game we played them.  But I will say I will tear up seeing Horford in that Philly red and blue, but good for him for getting the bag.

Go Celtics!

John McCormack (Uncle_Mac4)

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