Couch Guy Sports Podcast Ep. 83: What Jimmy Butler To the 76ers Means For the Celtics | Kyrie Wants A Vet | Patriots Looked Brutal

What a week we had once again. Nick and Jared are back for episode 83 of the Loose Change Podcast by Couch Guy Sports. And of course, they sit with Producer Pat who makes us sound like kings.

Jimmy Butler is off to the 76ers. Full reaction and what it does to the East. Actually, does it do anything to the East? Is it still basically a battle between the Celtics and Raptors for the crown?

Kyrie Irving reacts after another big loss and talk about wanting a vet to come in and show the team a little something. He’s not talking about Carmelo Anthony, is he? Would we even want Melo here in Boston?

Gordon Hayward hasn’t looked like himself this season. I mean, the guy did miss an entire year. Should coach Brad Stevens throw him on the bench until he’s the 2016 version of himself?

And the Patriots put up ANOTHER brutal game against the Titans. Is Brady starting to look old to us? And does this team stand a chance at making it back to the Super Bowl?

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Couch Guy Sports Loose Change Podcast episode number 83 there you got Me (Nick), we got Jared this week we got no guests and per usual with producer Patty P. Well I’m just gonna leave it off with this if you guys hear any barking of any sorts in either microphone mine or Jared’s we both have dogs here that might start barking in the middle of the show but who cares you know why? we’re Americans and because dogs are awesome and Americans love dogs except for me cuz mine chewed my couch today yeah okay except for Jared who eats his couch so you’re excused you said the pictures pretty bad your excuse was that he might have got food stuck under there imagine getting food stuck underneath somewhere and then eating through the material that is blocking your food like imagine dropping a piece of chicken below a table and be like the table I’m not gonna sensibly go around this I’m gonna go chop right through this thing this is gonna be sick as this oak or maple tastes delicious alright so another another side story of the week before we actually get into the show you know how wicked cheap and I won’t buy spend money on anything and I tend to wear the same pair of jeans every single day because I destroyed all my other pairs of jeans oh side note Daniel Theis is he actually bald? another side story is Daniel Theis bald or did he bleached his hair because he looks bald even close up but then he might also have hair I think he believes his hair did you buy pair of jeans did you buy new clothes Slim Shady tights so listen okay back to the clothes so Friday night I was out in Providence one of my favorite bars rock and rye it was a good night it was fun they have beer pong tables there which is really cool but I got my I had one pair of jeans that I’ve been wearing for like the past and I know that sounds gross but I washed them like every other day because I don’t I hate spending money spending money is my least favorite activity in the world and I know I bent down a rock and rye bedtime to pick up one of these pong balls and I noticed earlier I was like oh oh shit there’s a little hole in the crotch a little tiny hole okay because whenever I got thick thighs like I’m thick with two C’s and when I bend down when I bend down the hole in my crotch of your pants I just hurt my pants I did but like it was open enough it was open enough where I could feel the slight breeze going on down there but it was it wasn’t open enough where other people could see it so that happened I love my I left my debit card there then I to check the hours the next morning I was like oh I’ll just go back when they opened up for lunch at noon this place apparently is just like solely in night bar because they open up at 5:00 p.m. so I had to drive all the way home then drive all the way back to Providence the next day that’s like late dinner hours never mind fucking Wow 5:00 5:00 p.m. opening it sucked but whatever and I got there like people aren’t there drinking place is sick go to rock and write I had I had a middle-aged woman run her hands up and down my caressed my body I also I swear to God an old lady can do much better than you I swear to God and listen we’re just talking about a nice my beard was my beard was looking nice that night she came up to people in your life jeez yeah yeah side side side note I’m tired of people taking shots at my beard because I’ve got a pretty nice beard and Jared even admitted that it makes no sense I do nothing of the sort I did nothing of the sort yeah you did anyway I was standing there and this lady comes in talking to my buddy and this lady comes up to me starts up literally like she she put her arm below my armpit like she’s getting ready to cut my armpit oo hand then all of a sudden I’m confused I am a little intoxicated and I looked ather limp or it no I was like lady what are you doing right now I didn’t say that I loved but I was petrified I wasnervous I see why I see why women getnervousI was like a she about to kidnappee butno she just runs her hands from beneathmy armpit all the way down my side rightin front right right above my waistright above my waist and that’s when shelike go and she gave me the look like ohyeah buddy I just did that yeah I wantthem I want it and there was a guy therethere was a guy there straight ladiesdon’t hit on me guys and middle-agedwomen had on me there was a guy there Idon’t know if he was the oume thehomosexual variety i don’t nothing wrongwith that there’s nothing wrong withbeing a homosexual but i don’t know ifhe was i saw him i ball me when I wasplaying beer pong and he kind of hemakes a beeline at mebeeline at me walks right up to me putshis hand on my like chest and looks atme and the eyeing goes you’re gonna makethis next shot and I was like oh shitsee I don’t believe this again you’rejust telling lies I swear to god I don’tlie I don’t lie I don’t make up liesthings this is this is my life this iswhat happens you know what happened Imissed the shot so he was wrong he wasrattled but he did I was very rattledbecause he said so close to my ear thatwas one of those moments where I justhad chills oh you know what was yougonna aroused I don’t I think you gotaround aroused big time listen I’m notgonna I’m not I’m not here to deny thatI got aroused I’m not here to say I wasaroused I am here to say that he startedhe was touching me without without mesaying I want to be touchedokay I understood you were ready for youwere still arouse in the middle-agedwoman feeling you up and then some guywhispered in your ear and you justdidn’t know what to do you were soexcited you were so overwhelmed by themoment and you know what he didn’t oncemention your beard which probably gotyou a little rattled I love when peoplemention your beard cuz I got a nicebeard and I don’t get the hate towardsmy beard sometimes listen the chain ofevents ripped pants actually the guytouched me first I took I took a serialshot honey nut cheerios shot middle-agedwoman touch me andI lost my debit card of the bar alsoside side side side side note if you’rea cat meowing in the background that’shis old feeble I’m watching a house thisweek so that’s why there’s a dog herethat’s why there is a cat here too andthe owner told me that the cat is on herlast days so realistically this catcould die while I’m here which like buryit how long you house-sitting tillSaturdayOh what the cat dies before if the catdies tonight then what oh good contentbut hey you should you should bury itanimals live stream on our Twitter andInstagram just you having a burialservice by yourself for the cat eggcouchguy sports yeah and everything justfollow that couch Passport you know andthe neighbors to be petrified becausethey took down their back fence which isanother story of this so much in thishouse and usually I can just let the doggo in the backyard because it’s afenced-in yard she they took down thefence but she’s still like let the dogrun around outside it’s probably theyprobably put an electric fence up nothere is none I’m just like yeah theyshould be fine yeah what do you mean ifthis dog runs away eh that’s gonna ruinmy night because I’ve to go find the dogit’d be I don’t want to lose your dogand have your cat dynami in the sameweekend why you take down a fence thedog that makes no sense because I’m likedown the road if you ever want todestroy I want to put a new one up jeezdon’t get so cheap on your dog I’m surethey will I’m sure they will listen thepeople in watch the house for greatpeople great people producer patty P I’mreally happy to show turn in a coupleminutes of us just talking about Nick’slife about ten minutes now hey I meanit’s that’s what the people wantI don’t want your beer they don’t wantyour beer life if the viewers could seemy beer which they can on the couch guylive stream watch it every week becausewe’re doing it right now and I know ifwe’re gonna do it every week but we areright now so according to Nick now we’regonna do it every week paddy P get onthat let’s go well we were we were atone point I blame you for not doing anymore not him dude whateverall right I lost all my train I thoughtof where I was going but anyway weaklydubalright lamelle Oh ball back in highschool because levar must realize thathe’s an idiot put lamella in spire Ithink it’s called spire Academy I’venever heard of it before and what qualiaoh I love levar he’s back in the news myson’s going back to high school man Iknow I pulled out I pulled I pulled outof levar ball could be him I pulled outof levar ball well in with Lithuaniathat’s what I was like this guy’s amoron his kid was at UCLA playing balland he’s like nowand now jell-o’s not even at the NBAnope welcome back to school legitimatelyruined he really he like ruined jell-o’slife mm-hmm oh my god live live feedright now and the Celtics Anthony Bainesis an animal and he’s hitting threesAnthony Anthony vans Aron Baynes isAnthony idiot I might have max CooperCup torn ACL out for the season DezBryant out with a torn Achilles lastshow we were like Oh Dez Bryant signedto the Saints this show tears ofKeeley’s out for the seasonwe got some drama in Golden Stateplayers confronted Dre after the KTincident some news that upsets mepersonallyKirk Minahan WEEI Kirk and Callahan Iit’s been a long saga you guys can lookback on Twitter everything to findwhat’s actually been going on he isleaving WEEIhe’s staying with enter Comi as acontracted them they’re giving him adaily podcast streaming type thing youcan listen to Kirk every day still he’sjust not gonna be with Kirk and Kalininaanymore Jared we talked about it beforethe showmm-hmm sucks as a morning listenerbecause he was he was I mean no offenseto Jerry Jerry and Kirk went so welltogether but Kirk is like Kirk is theengine to that train they’d be he KirkKirk is the reason that they were numberone the main well yeah and I think evenwhen it was when Dino was still there -I think he was a big reason why a lot ofpeople started tune in when it was thethree of them because they wanted tohear what Kirk was gonna say it’s a bigloss for the morning show and I’m a bigmutt guy like I wantedour one because he’s got some ESP NewHampshire roots shut it out but at thesame time it’s look I didn’t get to lossstations gonna feel it and he’s a bigreason why they were number one I’mgonna listen to all of Kirkman handsstuff now radio.com the streamingwhatever he’s doing daily he’s gonna geta co-host at some point hope withsomeone good a lot of those people thatwere listening to them in the morningand made them one of the top stationshere in Boston in the morning are nowgonna follow him to radio calm she’s theway it is because that’s he’s got anaudience yeah and I’ll be I’ll belistening to Kirk once he’s on radiocalm but it still sucks it like themorning commute like I looked I lookedforward to listening to Kirk everysingle morning so we’ll miss Kirk on EEIJimmy Butler trades at Timberwolvessomething we’re going to talk about inthe main topics for Robert Covington andDario Sarich manager of the yearannounced Bob Melvin as for the A’smanager of the International LeagueBrian cinetic snicker snicker of theAtlanta Braves 20 seconds from each ofus how do you not give Alex Cora this Iunderstand that Bob Melvin brought histeam to the AOR game with the lowestpayroll in baseballcooled that sweet I don’t care that theRed Sox had the highest payroll inbaseball i they’ve had the highestpayroll in baseball I believe the pastcouple of years why couldn’t they get tothe World Series the past couple ofyears and most of that highest payrollquote-unquote belongs to Hanley Ramirezand Pablo Sandoval’s weren’t even on theteam so I mean you you’re paying Davidprice but it’s annoying because thathighest payroll arguments crap when agood percentage of your starting rosterand if Petrolia was there to even morehe’s homegrown like a lot of them oneven paid you look at the cut the coreof that team only guy that’s really beenpaid so far as JD Martinez yeah like andin opening opening day position playersJared crowd was pointing this out Ishout out front of the shelf had him onbefore throw back interview last weekopening day roster in the field Vasquezhomegrown Hanley Ramirez homegrownsecond base who was it was it everybodybut second base maybeshortstop that’s because if Pedroia wasback there yeah Pedroia we’ve been asecond Xander is shortthird base Denver’s Devers left-fieldbeen attendees centerfield Jackieright-field Mookie I it’s it’s allhomegrown in regardless getting ahundred eight wins I don’t care what thepayrolls of the team getting a hundredeight wins it’s tough winning the WorldSeries is tough he deserves to bemanaged of the year it’s BS siyoungannounced tonight we’re not gonna beable to say the man the MVPs on thisshow cuz they’re gonna come out againtomorrow Thursday night it’s Wednesdayrecording sigh Young’s announced BlakeSnell American League as expected onepoint eight nine ER a it was Chris salesfor the taking until his shoulderdecided to fall off midway through theseason and then nationally again obviousJacob degrom if Jacob the grunt didn’twin that the the award that would havebeen just absolutely asinine mmm-hmm yaknow I think Jacob degrom won that awardin like July to be fair he was the bestseasons everlights out he’s one of the best seasonsin Major League history hands down on ateam that was dog shit by the way yeahthat’s why he’s been lost records so badI mean there was there was something atthe end of the season that somebodymentioned as statistic it was like ifthe Mets scored four runs in each of theground starts he would have went 32 nothey scored three runs they would havewon like 28 of the games that they scoretwo runs they would have won 24 of thegames he was absolutely dominating BlakeSnell to Tampa Bay Rays that’s anotherthing if you’re not gonna give the awardsorry go back to manage the if you’renot gonna give the award to Alex Corawhy not Kevin cash I didn’t think BobMelvin had a chance I thought it waseither gonna be Kevin cash of the TampaBay Rays or Alex Cora because it was noKevin cash manage this team 290 winsusing a starting pitching a bullpen dayI went to one of the bullpen day gamesthat’s the reason why he got it inOakland was because of the percent ofwhat it was you see that okay speakingof that can you see how much of a jokethe voting is though Aaron Boone got twovotesAaron Boone there’s a moron out and Ibelieve Los Angeles who left Cora offthe ballot input Aaron Boone like howWyatt like for no reason that’s that’s Idon’t know how they can fix the votingsystem but the voting system is sobroken stupid all these well they gotthe MVP like look at the final three forthe MVP why is JD Martinez not afinalist for the Most Valuable PlayerAward all year it’s been Oh JD andMookie one two and now he’s not aspineless if Mookie Betts doesn’t winMVP something’s gonna happen next weekon the show because that’s justridiculousif Mookie Betts doesn’t win MVP I amgonna never watch baseball again that’swhy okay that’s probably like that’s aweekly dump thrown to the first topicfirst topic of the night you know whatlet’s let’s leave it off the Patriotscuz the rest of the show is basicallybasketball heavy is Brady on thedownhill slide because the Patriots thisweek played against the Tennessee Titanslost 34 to 10 only put up ten pointscould not move the ball at all a lot ofthat was because the offensive linewasn’t blocking for crap mm-hmm I’mBrady had no time to throw the ball butthis is this is more of a season-longquestion it’s Tom Brady on the downhillslide you answer firstwell the biggest question that you haveto answer in this is is it do youconsider his decision-making goingdownhill as a part of the slide likephysical abilities I don’t think so likeI don’t think he’s lost a step yet whatis he paying less attention to detailbecause look look if you watch some ofthe all xxii footage and I don’t gothrough it all but like if you watchsome of the other people who tweetingout yeah there was a couple times wherelike Chris Hogan beatMalcolm Butler on a double move up fieldthat’s fourth down that fourth down playand Julian Edelman got forced to theball again and obviously was incompleteif he saw Hogan if he looked at Hogan itwouldn’t touch down there was nobodybehind him the safety came in to Edelmanand he beat Malcolm well for a crystallook like a fool look like a babypushed him to the edge Hogan was wideopen and you saw the frustration in thevideo Hogan was jumping up and down whenBernie threw the ball to Edelman hedidn’t eat Brady’s body didn’t even faceHogan and I don’t know if it’s he feelslike he has to ingrain josh gordon orwhat it may be but like josh gordon gotlike 12 targets on sunday a lot of themfelt forced and who him didn’t killingany and Hogan had a couple of timeswhere he was why the fuckwell well with Chris Hogan I feel like Ifeel like Tom Brady has lost trust inHogan because it’s been it’s been ayear-long thing where he’s just nowlooking at him he’s now looking at a bitlike y know what is it like is itbecause it’s been since Josh Gordon gothere he looked at him before thatI think he’s got trust in Josh Gordon heis four you’re right he’s forcing theball into him on almost every play itseems like and I don’t think pleasethere were plays on Sunday where JoshGordon was even remotely open but Bradywas throwing the ball regardless I don’tmind I’m having trust in Josh Gordonbecause to do anything that you’re gonnaneed them right like you just need thembut it’s a point where it’s like Bradyyou’ve won with a lot less than you haveright now spread the ball around it’spretty exactly its what to answer yourquestion no I don’t think he’s slidingyet talent-wise I think he still haseverything he’s ever had I don’tthat’s the see I’m on the other side Ithink I think the the decline isstarting and I said this on the cnsPatriots Roundtable not to give not togive Max Kellerman any credit but okayhe called it cliff so there’s no creditthere he did call it a cliff but he ishe’s right he I’ve always said he’salways right in the sense where onceit’s once the decline starts happeningit happens quickly and something thatyou you you you’ve been noticing a yearwith Brady is the arm his arm isn’tnearly as strong like there were therewere plays this week where if he if hisarm strength is what it used to be andwhat it was primetime I’m Tom Brady andhe could force the ball into the inbetween died linebacker and cornerbackor whoever the defenders force the ballin there with his arm strength he can’tdo that anymorehis arm is solver even even on passeseven in wins even on passes that arecompleted the ball is getting there muchslower okay part to his game do youthink that the cliff has started andhe’s gone next year like what do youwhat do you think they go from here i Ido not think he’s gone next year becauseI think he understands that becauseJimmy’s gone and because he’s the mainreason Jim he’s gone he has to at leastone more year after this but and I thinkhe does care about the fans in thePatriots organization enough not to bethat much of a douche because he is thereason that Jimmy’s gonehe’s a flat a reason Jimmy’s gone but II think I think it’s starting I thinkit’s starting and I think it’s gonnahappen quick I mean you need aquarterback there dis offseason like youneed you need a quarterback in the draftwhat whether you draft somebody or goget somebody who’s backup someone that’syounger like I wouldn’t hate them to tryto get Teddy Bridgewater here oh youknow something like that or like eventrade for someone to be a bridgequarterback if you don’t trust someoneyoung to come in right away well you youneed you need a guy to train and to getready to take over the role the startingrole but yeah I almost I almost wantthem to either they’re either gonna doone of two things it’s gonna be findsomeone who’s a backup somewhere aroster and bring them in like a TyrodTaylor or something like thatoh just not to be the next guy but ifthey don’t think there’s someone in thedraft they have to bring somebody in cuzthey’re not gonna have the ball theHoyer after Brady’s goneHorry trash you know you know I thinkthey do think there’s somebody in thedraft because and I think they’ve hadtheir eyes on him since last yearbecause I think if they didn’t seeanybody coming out of this draft theywould have picked somebody last year inthe first round well that’s the thingtoo is like there was opportunity and itkept being rumored the Patriots want tomove up the Patriots want to move upBaker maybe it was Baker Baker was theguy the Patriots wantedwell that and they said like if you wentto – they were gonna trade out they justdidn’t have the deal – 1 because theBrowns gonna take imagine Atreus I’malready a Browns fan cuz I love BakerI’m a hardcore Baker fan I love that guydid you see the his press conferenceafter the game yeah I just woke up and Ijust woke up this morning and feltdangerous they all giggled and laughedyou keep and then you kid or elaborateI mean I just woke up this morning andfelt dangerous I’m a hardcore browniedied bandwagon now let’s go there’sthere is nothing more of a cockteasethan all these these accounts thatPhotoshop jerseys on to people becausefor the draft it was people just keptputting the Baker Mayfield in a Patriotsjersey and every time they did that Igot more and more hyped I was like let’sgo he’s gonna get drafted becauseoriginally he was gonna get drafted likespot he was gonna get drafted him butall overall all of a sudden the Brownswere like you know what I think thisguy’s the best in the draft and to befair he should not have gone second tobe fair he has been the best of thedraftyes he’s been the best quarterback thisyear and there’s like his guys playingwith a lot more talent he’s been thebest player out of the draft so far thebest quarterback Baker Baker is going tobe a stud Artie is he already can playin this leaguehe’s already he beat the Falconshandedly four wins before more than theyhad last year or that’s double whatthey’ve had the past like three yearsyeah it’s insanethey are defying the odds here theCleveland Browns – I’m too big of abigger guy well yeah they do need todraft a quarterback or they tradesomeone like for Teddy Bridgewater orsomeone like that if they think there’ssomeone out there like who they canbring in and who’s been in the leaguefor a couple years look I think TeddyBridgewater would be a good idea becauseuntil he got hurt he was rolling inMinnesota he was good he was he was helooked like he was the next star and hejust he got hurt and he got a job takingover by Case Keenumwhich is weird and Sam Bradford in SamBradford as a fully guaranteed deal inMinnesota I can’t see how that can gowrong but no I to get back to the realquestion I think I do think Tom’s on thedownhill slide a hundred percent alittle bit not me I don’t think thetalents goneI just think it’s the decision making alittle bit he might I think it’s hispreparation and I think the part that’sgone downhill is his mental I guessstability like he has I think he startedthe point where he’s starting to careless about winning because he can’tforever and that’s the thing and I’msurprised this hasn’t been talked aboutmore it’s not the talent it’s thepreparation I think he cares less I justdon’t think he wants to be on the fieldbut he got he for streaming out of townso he kind of has to besorry Chevy only literally just like ranwith the ball three steps didn’t eventried to dribble it just just took theball and when they called the travel onopening its semi but yeah things likewhat I’ve thought about it he did atraining camp he’s proved that hedoesn’t care as much anymorewouldn’t you rather Jimmy Garoppolo hereright now in this situation talked aboutit last year that that was when he gottraded that was scary because he wassupposed to be the next guy Belichickwanted him to he very well could havebeen the guy this year and even even ifnot next year because then because youknow what happens if you do hold on toJimmy you had that quarterback wherethat’s gonna push Brady cuz the wholereason I think Brady was so good thesepast three years is cuz he knew he hadJimmy behind his back he knew he hadJimmy waiting to take his job but nowhe’s got Brian Hoyer behind his back andDanny Ellie who caresnow that means doesn’t care at allthere’s no motivation and that was thebiggest thing is when Jimmy Graham Hillcame in you look what happened you wantSuper Bowls there’s Jimmy grappa lastyear last year and look what he did theSuper Bowl 500 some passing guards onehad an MVP season see and that’s whatcame it to me that the decline reallyhasn’t started there’s no way you losethat much of an ability in less than ayear but we did in February it’s the noit’s the preparation it’s thepreparation Nicholas it’s thepreparation we sure Daniel size isn’tbald oh sure cuz that looks bald I don’tknow he looks bald but he also like easyI think there’s also some hair there Idon’t know maybe he got sick of thepolice blonde hair cuz I know he didbleach blonde his hair or bleached hishair whatever the word is all right nexttopic Jimmy Butler traded to the 76erswhat’s that what does that mean for theCeltics listen nothing is Amy Butlerlove them but he’s already proved thathe is the cancer breaking news the 76ersatoms were speaking lost their firstgame with Jimmy Butler in the startinglineup 111 to 106 to the Orlando Magicheythat’s lost to the magic – yeah but theCeltics admittedly have been garbage tostart the year traded for RobertCovington and Dario star Sarich so eightis Jimmy Butler make the Sixers betterdoes he make them better to the Celticsand was it a good trade for these 76ersi sneaky don’t think it was becauseCovington and SARS from really goodplayers for what they did last year likea bench anymoreone of the things I know people are alllike ala Jimmy Butler’s a name and theyneeded a third guy but like did theywrite Jared he’s legitimate golf swingright like Charles Barkley what he wasthe first pick of 27 seed rats he’ssupposed to be first saw the best townin that draft right I mean who else weforgetting who else was drafted thatyear OhLonzo ball was in that draft right yeahLongy ball was there now now who elsewho else was in the 2017 draft thatcould be that pad you got your mic theredo you know who was out who else wasdrafted in the 2017 draft do you haveany idea and he stops his about theCheetahs well I mean I just it lookslike he’s doing some research right nowto figure out who else was drafted inwas it’s liketheoretically you’re supposed to be thenumber one player out of Knight rookthat classwell a lot of cell expands wanting themright yeah yeah like a lot of fans gotmad when Danny Ainge traded that pickPat do you have any anybody else Jasonoh that’s right Jason oh my god I neverwould have guessedwhat you add what number you add I likeoh I think that’s or talking oh but thename Jason TatumJason Tatum out of Duke that kidOh plays for the Boston Celtics he’s anabsolute legend already it’d be nice ifthe 76ers had him they would actually bea pretty legit team this year but OhPhilly took Jason Tam oh my god oh manrats here’s the deal look Jimmy Butlershort term fine it’s a splash it’swhateverI don’t think Celtics full playing theway they should be it’s still a threatlike makes noise online right now I’mexactly it’s a quick thing I wouldn’tsay that the Celtics are going to belike any less of the favorite right nowI wouldn’t take them just because againthey’re playing crap even though theyblew up the Bulls tonight but I thinktheir biggest threat still the Raptorsit’s gonna be the Raptors the whole yearit always has been it always will beit’ll be them in the Raptors in theEastern Conference Finals it’ll be theCeltics and the NBA Finals it’s what itsgonna beit’s just not gonna change because inthe NBA nick qualia you bet on talentalways have always will specially in theleague the way it is now whoever has thetalent the most talent wins the serieswins the files or at least goes to thefinals I still think that’s all exceptmore talent in the Raptors the Celticsthe Celtics are still the best team inthe East they like this this this reallybad star they’re off to right now it’sgonna end and the Raptors are certainlyscary of the Kawhi Leonard I think itwas underestimated how much better KawhiLeonard is then demar derozanKawhi Leonard’s a freak because they’rehoping this can be something theyconvinced him to stay like they made thedeal to potentially get intoto win this year at least get to thefinals get over the hump and hopefullyget him mistake no I don’t think he’sstaying by any means to run over butthat was the gamble they took and goodand it’s paying off right now they’replaying them next you knowthe narrative used to be NBA playersdidn’t like going to Boston partlybecause it was too cold try playing inCanada there’s no way quite Leonard aLos Angeles boy likes being in Canadaall right it’s already snowing up thereyeah N+ Jimmy Butler’s attitude he’salready proved it twice now that he justcannot deal with Big Nate with withplayers with attitude which he’s dealingwe need Ben Simmons he’s gonna he’sprobably gonna I wrote this at a blogabout Mark Alphonsus foul shot he wantsto be do not let Jimmy Butler see thatvideo because Jimmy Butler will walkinto that locker room take marquel Holtzby the hair and I give him a swirly shotyou just continue to give him a swirlyuntil he fixes it it’s it’s insane butit’s a splash it’s not gonna make themit’s to make them a little better rightnow but people are under estimating whatthey had to give up zero bench no theywere the bench that’s why was DarioDario Sarge is a really underratedplayer in this league you can’t withouta badge that’s why he won’t stay so goodthey had a deep deep bench the Celticsare the favorites that’s why the saltsare favourites to go to the finalsbecause they have the deepest bench anice check nextKyrie wants to add a veteran will touchon this real quick because the show iscoming to an end soon Kyrie wants to adda vet or mention it he said quote rightnow this was after another loss rightnow I think it would be nice if we hadsomeone that was a 15 year vet a 14 yearvet that could kind of help us racealong the regular season understand it’snot it’s a long marathon and not just afull-on sprint this came right after theCarmelo Anthony rumors little know youwon’t be on the Celtics know some of thenumbers he’s played 294 minutes so farthe season with the Rockets the rodshave been outscored by 63 points withhim on the floor did you see what TracyMcGrady said about him they said heshould retire he’s done like he’s notgonna help a good team but do you thinkhe should retire though like and thereason why Tracy McGrady said thatapparently was like yeah he shouldretire because no one likes like that’swhy he said he should retire not becausehe can’t play anymore not because he’s acancer because he no one likes him so somy my thing with Carmelo Anthony’salways been he’s a he was he was asuperstar but he was a superstar who hadno intention of ever working with theteam you know it was always about himalways about him like at least LeBronwho like clearly wanted to make it allabout him at least LeBron wanted to winlike you don’t see that passion withCarmelo you do about winning he playslike he’s there to just make a paycheckand be in the media that’s it well thatthat’s why LeBron left Cleveland hewanted to win and Cleveland’s ownershipwas trashed and didn’t give him anythingand that’s why he left to figure out howto win one of Miami went back toCleveland won now I think hismotivations have changed but Mel hasnever been about winning if I caredabout winning cuz if he wanted to win hewould figure out how to make Houstonwork and he’s not making Houston workingnow he’s not because he’s in a goodsituation Chris Paul and Plus Chris Paulis another reason Chris Paul and CarmeloAnthony I just don’t see them mixingwell together at all next last twotopics should Gordon Haywardbe out of the Celtics starting lineupCeltics off to a rough start theyobviously need to change Gordon Haywardwho obviously missed all of last year’sbeen in the starting lineup mostly everynight if not every nightshould he be taken out of the startinglineup see before this Bulls game I saidyes but I don’t know anymore they’vebeen in a lot of close games the Bulls Ihave some talent they’re missing somepieces too with injuries but look Idon’t think soonly because long term you need him youneed this to be the starting lineup tosucceed well see that’s the thing justbecause you take him out of the startinglineup now doesn’t mean that youto keep them out of the starting lineupsee it’s all about really in my mind andthis goes back to my biggest Ammarargument I’ve always said about Marcussmart it’s really not about who startsit’s about who finishes and that’s ahuge cliche but it’s true Marcus smartseems to always be on the floor in thegames never started Gordon Hayward rightnow doesn’t need to be on the floor tostart games if that’s what he that’swhat they thinks gonna help the startersbut he needs to be on the floor at theend because that group he’s that’s gonnaclose games Gordon Hayward his knows howto make big shots and eventually once hegets his legs back underneath them he’sgonna be a game changer like he alwayshas been I don’t know what it’s gonna dohe claims he’s okay with going to thebench but every player is gonna say thatuntil it actually happens well I think Ithink he actually would cuz heunderstands he’s clearly not the sameplayer as he was like the Gordon Haywardthat you signed is not the same guy whois playing right now for the Celtics helooks slow his shots off one of the bigthings with Gordon Hayward was was howexplosive he was he’s just not thatright now and it’s with good reason he’sgonna get that ankle yeah he’ll get itback he’ll be fine and we’ll enjoy agood example because look how watch PaulGeorge almost like half a season tofigure it out yeah and once once onceGordon gets it back then put it back inthe starting lineup but for right nowI’m fine if you take him out let him lethim put the training wheels back on andget him out there on with the bench makea part of the bench of that attuned withjust a little less attitude I think thatI mean yeah just because you’re takingMarcus Morris off the bench to do that Ithink Gordon Hayward the way it’s set upnow you can’t go wrong either way Ithink the biggest person that would helpis jaylen Brown because I think there’sa little bit of a too much ofsimilarities there and I think jaylenBrowns been struggling a little bit tofind his shot and to figure out wherehe’s gonna fit in this group and he hada decent night tonight but like you lookat overall what especially especiallythe road trip it hasn’t fit in he’s beenstruggling like a mother and it’s justlike who what’s the problem Courtney waskind of the problem because cornHayward’s the ones just like the samekind of game he’s gonna end up takingthose shots he’s the biggest one thatwould benefit from Heyward going to thebench so I wouldn’t hate it but you haveto look at big picture he’s gonna end upbeing in the starting lineup eventuallyso they have to figure it out andthere’s a lot of egos Nick right now alot of mouths to feed you know whatthere are a lot of egos why he goes Iwill tell you that’s the problemI know that there are a lot of egos butI think they all big there they’re allteam who wants to work together you knowwho’s not a team who wants to worktogether goal state workers look at thatKatie this is the the title the headlineof this topic quote Katie being a bitchyou know why that’s the headline becauseI texted Jared’s there anythingspecifically want to talk about he justtexted me back that Katie being a bitchso we’re gonna talk about Katie being abitch we’re gonna talk about thisquickly because that’s gonna yell us ifwe go over the time limit so drama dramadrama dream on Katie again it’s been ahistory have it boiled over the othernight again so games closedtied game ball goes up in the air afterhis shot defensive rebound Katie goes upfor a draymond steals it from himdraymond goes up the floor times tickingdown turns the ball over Katie after hegrabs that ball is clapping his handspissed that he didn’t get the reboundthat dream I took it away from himthey start yelling each other on thebench things got a little out of handthey’re going back and forth draymondstarts going after KD calling him abitch and calling him out about being afree agent calling Matt about his freeagency so hopefully this is the downfallI need this to be the downfall of theGolden State Warriors I need this to bethe downfall to go and stay warriorsit’s okay it’s the outset of KevinDurant on the Golden State Warriors ifanyone thinks Kevin Durant is comingback after this season yet this yearthey’re gonna win they’re more talentthan anybody else they’re gonna win thechampionship again it’s what it ispeople were kind of surprised KevinDurant came back this year and I’m notsurprised that he did because again theywon and I think they can make work forone more year but Kevin Durant’s goneafter next year jerk dream on theCeltics case comes to the Celtics yeahhe’s gonna go to warriorsI’m he’s gonna go to wizard excuse methe Wizards but you know just just anunbelievable story out of gonna save youguys are following along with the storygo follow along with the story it’s likethisthese are the types of egos that destroyteams and I and it’s it was kind of aconversation when they first got therecuz dream on such a douchebag that itwas it was like Katie Katie wasobviously very mentally weak how is hegonna deal with draymond Green cuz youknow dream I was getting in his faceabout some thingsOh hundred percent you knew this wasgonna happen well Kevin Durant’s justsoft and I think people didn’t reallynotice it until he left Oklahoma Citynow would it be awesome if you went backto OKC yes he’s not going to but thatwould be the ultimate put that wouldmean wrestler would Haman rust togetheragain that’d be fun but no people couldhave seen this coming because eventuallywe Kevin Durant showing his true colorsand and Jeremiah he’s gonna poke thebear whenever he can poke the bearthat’s who he isalright anything else for the now youwant to get off your chest hereyour beard actually does look good I’llgive you that fucking thank you dudeanybody else doesn’t my beard looks likeshit I’ll be rattle because my beer Itake care of this thing reduce your petand side note side side side story fromearlier producer patty P brand-newPatriots had on tonight found it on theside of the road like a stud how do youget things for free you find them on theside of the road and it looks it’s brandnew it’s not even he didn’t watch I meanI hope he washed it a little bit becausethat’s just nasty but nobody nobody thathat nobody looks at that hand goesthat’s a side of the road at it’s asalute to service Patriots had it’squality the stick stick along the brimcan’t go wrong producer Pat ep episodedo at the end of every show follow us ontwitter facebook instagram at couchguy’ssports follow the podcast on twitter atloose change pod go buy some celticsmerch we’ve got some fire celtics mert’sgo buy some couchguy murder go buy somered sox merch go to our store couchguysports icon they click on the store tabcan’t just send everything SoundCloudstitcher iTunes I want to get on Spotifysoon we’re not there yet and Cl NSMediacom drop a rate insulating in asubscribeI Tunes it another shout Bigley Englishif you do that and that’s it guys guyssports Lachey’s podcast episode 83 inthe Bucs see you next week



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