Finally the MLB Hot Stove is Lit!

If you missed the MAJOR trade that went down last Thursday you can get every detail here. Also a major signing happened Monday night. I will get into those and discuss how this is just the start of the big names to come off the board. But the first thing I will talk about is the passing of Tommy Lasorda on Thursday as well.

Tommy Lasorda

Jared Carrabis said it best “I feel like all too often we throw around the word “legend” too lightly. Tommy Lasorda was a legend by every definition of the word.” in his article about Tommy Lasorda. But Lasorda was a legend in every senses of the word. He started his major league career with the Brooklyn Dodgers and never left the organization. That was back in 1954 and over 60 years later he passed away still apart of the Dodgers.

Take a look at some of the clips that are in Jared’s article. Lasorda was such a character. He gave it to umps whenever he felt he needed to. I was so happy the Dodgers were able to win one last World Series in 2020 for Lasorda. 2020 took some great baseball players, now 2021 took a great manager. Let’s hope not many join him this year.

Legendary Dodgers Manager Tommy Lasorda dies at 93 - OPB

New York Mets Trade

If you read the article I linked at the top you know what the trade was. If not let me tell you. The New York Mets got arguably the best shortstop in all of baseball, Francisco Lindor. Lindor is a 4 time All-Star 2 time Gold Glove and Sliver Slugger with a Platinum Glove. That means he hits and he can field. But that was not the only player the Mets got, Carlos Carrasco from the Indians. The Mets sent back Isaiah Green (16th ranked prospect now in the Indians system), Josh Wolf (12th ranked prospect now in the Indians system), Andrés Giménez, and Amed Rosario.

This is a win for the Mets. They get their guy in Lindor for a true SUPER-star player. Also, Carrasco is a great 3-4 pitcher. The Indians on the other hand this was most likely a fat L. Everyone knew they would either trade Lindor or let him go. Their owner once said they will hand out a $300 million contract when teams are handing out billion dollar contracts.

This helps the Mets attract other big names. Now players see the Mets front office is willing to make big moves to get them better. A name like Trevor Bauer will really consider signing with them. This trade might make them the second best team in the NL East and with Bauer they could be a team to beat in the NL.

Hyped Francisco Lindor embraces Mets history in Instagram post

Liam Hendriks

In my opinion the second best reliever on the market signed his big deal last night. Liam Hendriks signed with the White Sox. The deal is a 3 year deal with an option for the 4th year. He is guaranteed $54 million, that is the highest AAV for a reliever in MLB history.

I think Brad Hand is the best reliever out there, but Hendriks is a close second. Before joining the A’s Hendriks was not very good, going 8-15 with a 5.15 ERA in 6 seasons. Once joining the A’s Hendriks really improved. His ERA dropped to 3.08 in 5 seasons.

The White Sox made the playoffs in 2020 falling in the Wild Card round to the A’s. They are only getting themselves better this offseason. They trade for Lance Lynn as well. I believe the White Sox will win the AL Central in 2021 and make a run at the World Series.

White Sox Reportedly Reach Deal with Closer Liam Hendriks - On Tap Sports Net

Wrap Up

A true baseball legend in Tommy Lasorda passed away and on the same day a super-star was traded. Also, the White Sox keep getting better signing Liam Hendriks. As I say every week, check out Legends Lingo!

-Tom “Powder” Cadmus (@powder42308)

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