Feel Good Friday: Happy Dogs in the Snow

It’s no secret that most dogs absolutely love the snow. Regardless of their age, something about having white fluffy stuff on the ground awakens the inner puppy in them. This is much to the delight of people everywhere, because who doesn’t love watching dogs hop like bunnies and generally go nuts? In honor of New England’s first major snowstorm of the season yesterday (December 17th), please enjoy these pictures and dogs living their best lives in the snow. 

To Begin, Here’s Finnegan

What kind of article would this be if I didn’t start with my dog? It was his first time getting to play in more than a couple of inches of snow, and I think it’s safe to say he’s in love with it. For an instant mood boost, click on the video and through the photo gallery of him below!


Now On to Random Twitter Dogs

Now that I’ve shown my dog off, let’s move on to some random dogs from Twitter. From completely disappearing, to having a snack, to just having a great time, these videos have it all!

And Finally, the Dogs of YouTube

Last but not least, we have the dogs of YouTube. If these five compilations aren’t enough for you, just search “dogs playing in the snow” on YouTube and get lost in the rabbit hole for hours on end!

Nothing Beats Happy Dogs

If your mood is somehow not boosted after watching all (or even just one) of these videos, please unfollow me because you officially scare me. These videos and pictures just radiate infectiously pure joy, so you’re a psychopath if you aren’t smiling right now. Nothing beats happy dogs playing in the snow. Not a single thing. 

But anyway, we should all take a page or two out of dogs’ playbooks here, and just enjoy the little things more! They certainly seem happier for it, so I see no reason why we wouldn’t be!

-Lydia Murray (@lydia_murray12)

Featured image courtesy of Stephen Murray

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