Thursday Night Football Twitch Action Recap (Cheating Al vs. What the hell happened to, Topher)

If you were indoors at around 6:30PM EST and with nothing to do, I hope you were watching our Twitch Channel last night.

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Now, it’s time to get the nit and gritty of the action last night. If you watched, you know the Twitch channel was lit up last night not just by viewers but by Al and Topher. However, if you didn’t watch last night, you need to read this in full.

The Event…

If you follow us on Twitch, you are used to seeing our guy Topher on Thursday’s crushing the video game world. Whether its NHL, NFL or even just a general game and bringing you some entertainment. Again, if you aren’t following us there. I am sorry and think you need to get familiar, PRONTO!

So, a few Thursday nights ago, a deal was made to get Alan and Topher to go head-to-head and there were some rules set as well. The event went down last night, and the rules were the following:

While the above are the general rules for the public, the rules for the contestants were very different. Loser basically will need to write a full week and come onto a podcast of the winners choice to get ragged on. So, stay tuned and make sure you are following all our podcasts.

The Contestants & What Happened!


Al came into this contest basically as an underdog and boy did cheating carry him a long way! In all honesty, the dude didn’t cheat but we are going to say he did for the sake of life in 2020.

The rules for the contestants were to pick 3 random teams on xbox live so Al’s first pick was the Seattle Seahawks. First game ended in a nicely contested game between him and the Topher who picked the Colts.

First match ended 30-16 in Al’s favor. At this point, I basically said beginner’s luck along with many on the chat.

The next game I was excited about! In fact, many on the chat were posting their predictions! However, the game between these two ended telling a different story.

The game was between the Arizona Cardinals (Topher) vs. Tampa Bay Bucs (Al).

Al basically embraced his inner Lamar Jackson versus the Browns. Al supposedly had cramps but honestly unloaded some timber on poor Topher. If Topher had picked the Browns, that would’ve made things feel a little better as OBJ would’ve been pleased.

If 2020 needed a defining picture of how it went, the Twitch Channel last night had a free version of that as Al honked out a venomous dirt snake that killed Topher’s chances of winning. Al literally painted the bowl and that painting is now in the museum of “all things gone wrong in 2020”.

Topher (Dude, What the hell happened!) Hurley

Now you can do the 'coffin dance'

As a Couch Guy Sports twitch channel follower, Thursday nights are fun to watch Topher kill it. Then, it came to this Thursday and my guy Topher was buried alive!

Personally, I really thought Al was going to be destroyed! Topher actually plays quite a strategical method in Madden.

Topher made every effort possible, he tried different defensive styles but Al was cooking a lot of sauce and it stunk for him.

Al buried Topher alive and so the funeral was held privately for Topher.

The Winner!

My hands are literally bleeding as we speak. It pains me to announce that Alan successfully won this event.

Congratulations to Al on a good victory! Topher, If the snowstorm yesterday wasn’t enough, Al definitely pelted you squared in the middle of your forehead with a massive snowball impossible to ignore.

Snowball in the face by Bruce and Rebecca Meissner - Stocksy United

Aside of the inhalation suffered by Topher, we would like to thank all of you who tuned in for this event. Please continue to follow the Couch Guy Sports twitch channel or subscribe to it!

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~Diego Galvis (@Diego_TheDJ on Twitter). 

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