Red Sox Pitching Target: Jake Odorizzi

It’s no secret at this point for Red Sox fans. What’s the one area where they need a lot of help? Starting pitching! Starting pitching means everything in the MLB. Look at the 2018 World Series team. You had Chris Sale, David Price, and Eduardo Rodriguez as a solid 1-3 with Rick Porcello and Nathan Eovaldi to round out your staff. Last year, no Chris Sale, no Price, no Porcello, no fun! The Red Sox have been tied to a few rumors. But one name that has showed up on radars lately has been Jake Odorizzi.

So I know what you all are thinking. Odorizzi won’t solve all of their problems. No, it won’t. But, there could be a few perks to signing Odorizzi on a short term deal.

Familiarity with the Division

Jake Odorizzi is not a stranger to the beast that is the A.L. East. He spent 2013-2017 with the Tampa Bay Rays. Now granted, the Rays weren’t as good back then; except for maybe 2013 when they lost to the Red Sox in the ALDS. But you could use someone that knows the division. The Yankees are good. Tampa Bay just went to the World Series. Toronto is on the come up. You need someone like Odorizzi that knows what it’s like to pitch against these hitters.

He Won’t Break the Bank

Odorizzi earned 17.8 million in 2020. Now that may seem like a lot, but the Red Sox won’t go into that range. The Red Sox might go into the 10-15 million dollar range for Odorizzi, but probably not more. If this team wants to make big splashes, not breaking the bank on Odorizzi could be the play.

What Other Options Do You Have?

You can’t have the same rotation as 2020, and you won’t. Chris Sale is ahead of schedule. Eduardo Rodriguez is throwing bullpens. Odorizzi would give you another dependable right handed starter. Who else do you have for righties other than Eovaldi? Seriously, I can’t think of another righty on the Red Sox staff.

In Conclusion

You need pitching. You’re the Red Sox. Go out and get some pitching. Odorizzi isn’t a long term fix. But he could be the first piece of a solution for the short term. Give Red Sox fans like me some hope. Please!

Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)


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