Netflix Review: MindHunter

Have you ever thought about a career in law enforcement, psychology, or psychiatry?

Then Netflix’s Mindhunter Is The Show For You!

Mindhunter’s episodes are detailed with information in all three of these subjects. This show follows two FBI agents who come to Boston to do research on the criminally insane. Their research is done by interviewing a few serial killers that are already in prison. This show is fascinating for the world of crime and science put together.

This show is marvelously scripted in its every word to detail what life is like in prison for these psychopaths. What I like the most is watching the criminals’ reactions to the agents when they walk in, each one is different and interesting to say the least.

Mindhunter is a perfect title for this show. Check out NextFlick’s Review of Mindhunter As the agents try to put together the mind of a criminal for research purposes you are absolutely glued to your seat. While you’re watching, notice the female researcher who sees the process differently than these agents. When you watch it, watch how they react to her joining the team and watch how they interact with her within the team. It is eye-opening to say the least!

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-Nick Sutherland (@Sudsy8)

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