Fantasy Football Players To Avoid Drafting

Ladies and gentlemen it is time to talk about what players to avoid drafting this season. Fantasy football drafts are happening every single day from now up until the first game of week one. Everybody has their list of players that they are taking in every single league. They have players that they are iffy on and they have players that they are avoiding at all cost. Today I am here to give you my fantasy football players to avoid this season. With that being said here is my list of players to avoid for fantasy football this season.


QB To Avoid

Tua Tagovalioa 

Tua’s ADP is at 186.4 which makes you already think why should I be avoiding him, when he won’t get drafted in most leagues. There is some hype around Tua in year two that I want to shut down right now. The Dolphins have added weapons for him, but at the same time I think he is going to be even worse than he was last season. With Miami not having a solid running game is going to hurt Tua and that offense. They are going to have to rely on his arm a ton this year and that isn’t the best case scenario. So if you’re playing in a 2 QB league and need a second QB, there are so many better options than Tua. If you are playing in much deeper leagues than normal, I would take 30 quarterbacks before I take Tua. Stay far away from him and avoid him like the plague in all drafts.


RB’s To Avoid

Saquon Barkley

Saquon Barkley’s ADP right now is 6.1 which is wild to me. Barkley is coming off of a torn ACL injury and plays in probably one of the worst offenses in the league. The Giants running back is getting drafted as someone’s number option in a bunch of leagues. That is a waste of a first round pick in my opinion. I don’t trust that Giants offensive line to give him room to create. Also I don’t think he is going to be a factor in a bunch of games, because I see them being behind a bunch this year. So adding those two factors together, he becomes undraftable in my opinion. When you are drafting someone in the first round that is someone you are building your team around. He is someone I would not build my team around and I will stay far away all season long from Saquon.


Raheem Mostert

Raheem Mostert’s ADP is 73 at the moment. Mostert was suppose to take over the job as the starting running back after his playoff performance in 2019. In 2020 he struggled to stay on the field. He has only played all 16 games once, so I do expect him to be hurt again this season. Also I think he is going to lose a lot of touches to rookie running back Trey Sermon. Also with the way that the San Francisco 49ers offense will be shaken up this season, Mostert is definitely one of the names that you are going to want to avoid this season. His upside of being a RB2 is no more and I think he could be unplayable at times this season.


WR’s To Avoid

DJ Chark

DJ Chark’s ADP is 76 at the moment. Chark is a receiver that relies heavy on volume and I don’t know how much volume he is going to get in 2021. Trevor Lawrence has some solid weapons to throw to and Chark might be old news now. Marvin Jones Jr. is now there and Laviska Shenault is starting to get more and more targets as well. Chark not having that volume is going to hurt him tremendously this season. Watch the targets after week one and you will thank me in advance after staying far away from Chark. He will disappoint you and you will regret drafting him, avoid him at all cost.


Courtland Sutton

Courtland Sutton is a name that I am avoiding in 2021. Sutton’s ADP is currently 79.5 at the moment. I think Sutton’s value here should be taking a big hit with Teddy Bridgewater as his quarterback. Now I know what he did last year with DJ Moore, Robby Anderson and that Panthers offense. However this year his two main targets are Noah Fant and Jerry Jeudy. Sutton is also coming off a season where he played one game and missed the rest of the season with a torn ACL. I do think Sutton could be solid, but I am avoiding him for two reasons. First reason is I think he is the third target on that team and could see his targets take a huge hit in 2021. Second reason is him coming off that injury is still a risk that I am not willing to take.


TE To Avoid

Eric Ebron

Eric Ebron’s ADP 226.1 at the moment. Ebron is listed as TE1 for the Steelers, but I am staying away from him like the plague. I understand his ADP is low, but there will still be people that will be taking him in their respected leagues. With Big Ben throwing Ebron the ball, makes you want to snag him at all cost. However, I think Ebron is going to be a tight end that you will avoid. His numbers will be staggered and I don’t know how many targets he will actually get this year. Also they drafted a tight end out of Penn State Pat Freiermuth who I think will be a big part of that offense. So Ebron’s value is low and I think that he will be unplayable in every league this season.


-Chris Jones (@cjoneswho1212)

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