Fantasy Football: My top QBs RBs and Defenses for 2017

Man I wish football would start already!

Is what I was thinking about 2 weeks before preseason started.  Then came all the preseason games and boy was I underwhelmed.  In my excitement for football to start every year I always forget how lame the first games are after each team’s first drive. However unlike the NFL preseason I won’t keep you waiting and hopefully won’t disappoint you after a few sentences.

My Top 5 fantasy QBs for the 2017 NFL season

  1.  Tom Brady–  Before you try to say I only did this because I live in New England listen to my reasons (besides I’m a Seahawks fan so).  The main reason I put the GOAT at number 1 is his array of offensive weapons this year.  The patriots went out and traded for Brandin Cooks, who I think will be a stud, and that alone boosted Brady’s fantasy value a ridiculous amount.  My other big reason for putting him here is the lack of a true power back on the Patriot’s roster.  With the loss of Blount I think that Brady utilizes his pass catching backs (James White and Dion Lewis) a lot more, especially in the redzone.
  2. Aaron Rodgers– Now I think Rodgers and Brady can be interchanged at 1 and 2 but this is just how I think the season will play out.  Rodgers is fantastic year in and year out.  Meaning if you have him or have ever had him on your team any year then you most likely have not been disappointed. Overall he is the ideal fantasy QB,  he is a stud on a team with virtually no run game, meaning he has to do everything, and he will do just that.
  3. Matt Ryan–  The former NFL MVP deserves a spot in my top 3 here for a couple reasons.  One reason is Julio Jones.  Yes that’s it, I don’t need to say anymore than that because the dude is out of this world.  Another reason is I really don’t see his numbers from last year declining at all.  Ryan and his pass catchers have all had another year to build upon their chemistry, especially the underrated Mohamed Sanu. I think alongside Julio, Sanu has a breakout season, but I’m not talking about receivers here.
  4. Drew Brees–  Staying in the NFC South for this one.  Brees is another fantasy QB that has just been reliable year in and year out.  He always puts up monster yardage every season and he’s fairly durable.  Brees is also one of those guys who puts up good numbers with whoever he’s got catching the ball.  However I think the Saints receiving core very underrated, they have some guys who can ball.
  5. Russell Wilson– Now I know what you’re thinking.  I’m only putting him here because I’m a fan.  Well that may be part of it… But with the training he has put in this off-season he’s in the best shape of his life.  You know what that means? Rushing yards.  Mobile QBs always get a boost in fantasy and this guy can move. This guy has it all though, the precision passing, the ability to extend plays, and arguably the best receiving core he’s had since entering the NFL. I personally think he will have a monster year but I couldn’t place him above the top 4 QBs in this list.

My Top 5 fantasy RBs for the 2017 NFL season

  1. Le’Veon Bell–  Bell deserves the number 1 spot in my book because he finished 4th overall in scoring among RBs despite only playing in 12 games last year…  That’s right, he played 4 less games than most other RB’s in the top 5.  I think this guy is the best overall RB in the league, not to mention he’s probably one of the better WRs in the league too with his ability to catch the ball.
  2. David Johnson–  Now some people could argue that Johnson should be #1 on this list and I wouldn’t necessarily disagree with you, but I think this year Bell is the better choice.  Negatives aside this man is an absolute beast.  His 20 total TDs last year helped many people win their fantasy leagues and I don’t think him or the Cardinals plan on trying to lower that.
  3. LeSean McCoy–  This one is hard for me because after the first two guys on this list I think there could be a couple RBs in the third spot.  Shady is without a doubt the shiftiest back in the league,  his touches per game are always high and his ability to take any one of them to the house is why I chose him for the 3rd spot on my list.
  4. DeMarco Murray–  Another guy I thought could be in the number 3 spot, but he takes the 4th for sure.  Murray had a really good year last year placing him number 5 in scoring among RBs.  I think what helped him succeed was the threat of Derrick Henry stealing his carries.  Murray will have another good year on a Titans team that is gradually getting better.
  5. Jordan Howard– There are so many guys I could put here (like Zeke Elliot too bad hes suspended…) but Howard deserves it.  This is one guy who I think will have a great year.  He’s on a team with QBs who are inexperienced with the playbook, so you know what that means, rely on your young workhorse RB to carry the load.  I definitely think Howard is a top 5 RB this year.

My Top 5 fantasy Defenses for the 2017 NFL season

  1. Vikings D/ST–  The Vikings finished with the number 1 spot last year in standard fantasy scoring and I think they do it again.  With their ability to take the ball away as well as keeping the other team out of the end-zone they can make or break your fantasy season.
  2. Chiefs D/ST–  Two words. One guy.  Tyreek Hill.  Hill’s ability to take it to the house is almost like Devin Hester in his prime.  He will build upon his return TD numbers and not to mention this is a Defense that led the league in takeaways last year.  The Chiefs defense will definitely be one to own in the upcoming season.
  3. Seahawks D/ST–  This one is more due to their consistency,  the Seahawks are always close to the top in lowest yards/points allowed per game.  Plus with a healthy squad I think their takeaway numbers jump drastically from last year.
  4. Buccaneers D/ST–  The Buc’s defense has been quietly getting better and better for a couple years.  They have a stout front 7 and a smart secondary who was second in interceptions last year.  I think this is their breakout season as a stud defense.
  5. Broncos D/ST– The Broncos defense makes it to the number 5 spot on my list and honestly, they should probably be higher.  Having one of the best secondaries in the league, and well of course Von Miller, they are any opposing offense’s nightmare.

Pre-Draft tips:

I’m gonna write the same things here that I tell all my friends when they ask me for tips going into their fantasy draft.

  1.  Don’t draft a QB too high,  this is the biggest mistake I see from people playing fantasy football.  There are so many QBs that you can get in the later rounds that will put up decent numbers for you every week (Derrick Carr, Philip Rivers, Marcus Mariota… just to name a few).
  2. Make sure to grab good RBs early.  When I first started playing fantasy I didn’t know how important RBs were.  In an NFL that’s evolving into a pass heavy league taking a good RB can keep your fantasy team afloat.  Also if you take a bunch of good RBs you can use them as trade leverage to grab better players at other positions.
  3. PLEASE DON’T DRAFT A KICKER BEFORE THE LAST ROUND.  Kickers are not worth picks before the 16th round because you can easily pick someone up off waivers who could end up being the top scorer that season.

That’s all I’ve got for now so if you enjoyed this or found it helpful be sure to read my posts every week!

Written By: Jon Tetreault ( @jtetreault13 )

One thought on “Fantasy Football: My top QBs RBs and Defenses for 2017

  • August 17, 2017 at 11:18 pm

    You lost me when you put Wilson in the top five and not Sam Bradford!!😏 However, you gained my respect putting the Vikings D first. Seriously, great read and I look forward to reading every week!!


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