Heisman Watch List Week 1

Alright ladies and gents because college football games haven’t started yet and us fans are bored out of our mind waiting, I’d thought we would take a look at the early favorites to win the Heisman Trophy this season. The Heisman is a great honor to receive. There are hundreds of teams in division one college football and for you to be the best player in the league, that is truly a great achievement. Now lets take a look at who to keep eye on this year.


5. Sam Darnold USC

This guy is everyone’s pick to win the Heisman trophy this year. And that’s the exact reason why he is not my pick to win it. When have we ever seen someone win the Heisman when they were projected too week 1 one of the season? Don’t get me wrong, the guy is a good player, but I just don’t seem him winning it. Plus, the last USC player to win the Heisman got it taken away (Reggie Bush who is now trash in the NFL).


4. Bo Scarbrough Alabama

This guy is a freaking BEAST. I remember watching his high school highlights on youtube and was like “damn that guy is the real deal”. Of course he had to go to Bama! Some of these guys need to mix it up and go to some bum school like Vanderbilt. Anyways, Bo has a lot of talent. He is going to really help this Bama offense in his sophomore year. He basically has the built of Eddie Lacy but Bo lays off the twinkies and stays in good shape. He could definitely sneak into this Heisman race.


3. Lamar Jackson Louisville

Last year’s Heisman winner truly put on a show at times. Jackson had some eye popping plays with both his feet and his arm. Unfortunately, everybody knows its always harder the year after. I think Jackson will put up some decent numbers but not nearly as close as last year. I would honestly be shocked if he won it again. He would be the second person to win two Heisman trophy awards. The only other player was Archie Griffin out of The Ohio State University in 1974-75.

NCAA Football: CFP National Championship-Clemson vs Alabama

2. Jalen Hurts Alabama

I really hate talking about Alabama. Now I know how it feels for non pats fans that have to talk about the pats. You can’t ignore them! Jalen Hurts was a freshman sensation last year. He really played well towards the end of the year even though Bama just came short at the end against Clemson. What I like about this kid is his work ethic and his attitude. He’s working hard and plays well and doesn’t let it go to his head. If Alabama makes it to the playoffs again this year, its going to be because of Jalen Hurts.


  1. Baker Mayfield Oklahoma

This is the year for Baker Mayfield. Its his senior season and Sooner fans are expecting a trip to the National Championship. His first year at Oklahoma, he led them to the semi playoff game against Clemson and ultimately lost that game. This past season he threw for almost 4,000 yards with 40 touchdowns and only 8 interceptions. I really think that this year he will prove the doubters wrong and take the Heisman trophy. He will have an early test in Columbus against the Buckeyes but if he comes out of there with a win, expect the Sooners to keep on rolling.

*BONUS* Nick’s actual take and those last five paragraphs don’t mean crap.

Johnny Football will win the Heisman trophy this year if they let him back into the NCAA. I don’t care who you are or what you think. He was the greatest Heisman winner of all time. Bama fans should sleep with one eye open because if Johnny ever came back they would run in fear knowing that he could beat them without even throwing one pass.


Written By: Nick Katinas (@NKatinas22)

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