Breaking Down The NBA’s Big Weekend

The NBA had an all-time weekend this past week.  From Friday to Sunday, we had drama after drama and fans couldn’t have been happier with how it went.  Let’s break it down!

Friday, June 18

Brad Stevens’ first move as the President of the Celtics is trading Kemba Walker and the 16th overall pick to OKC from Al Horford and Moses Brown.  As a Celtics fan, this is a great move and I couldn’t be happier with Stevens’ first move.  Walker is a good player.  Like I just said, he is a GOOD player.  Not fucking $35 million good.  Walker had his fair share of struggles with the Celtics and his play was super frustrating to watch.  He would continually play poor, and yet no repercussions.  I wouldn’t have hated him to be benched here and there, but nothing.  Everyone knew Walker was on the move after the Celtics disappointing season, and us fans couldn’t be happier about it.  In return, we receive Al Horford (welcome back!) and Moses Brown.  I am not sure where Horford fits or if he will even stay but it is what it is.  We traded a bad contract for another bad contract but at least we got two players who actually play in games.

After the Kemba Walker news, The 76ers forced a Game 7 against Atlanta behind Seth Curry’s 24 point performance.  But the big news was watching the one-seeded Utah Jazz fall to the wounded LA Clippers.  Most fans all season said Utah was overrated and this series proved it.  With no Kawhi Leonard, Paul George came alive and willed the Clippers to their first WCF in 51 years… Yes, Utah was really overrated!

Saturday, June 19

The game everyone was waiting for.  Game 7 between the Nets and the Bucks.  Mind you, the Nets killed the Bucks in games 1 and 2.  But the Bucks responded behind PJ Tuckers grit in games 3 and 4.  Then in game 5 we all saw Kevin Durant go nuclear and drop 49 points in 48 minutes, but that wasn’t enough to stop the Bucks from winning game 6 and forcing a game 7.  Game 7 was back and forth and an overall awesome game.  Durant was literally inches away from winning it and look how close his “big ass foot” was to sending them to the ECF.

Soooooo close.  But in OT, the Nets only scored two points and the Bucks pushed through to do the unthinkable – beat the Nets.

Sunday, June 20

The WCF kicked off between the Suns and the Clippers.  The Suns have had a weeks rest and looked like the much better team.  Even without Chris Paul, the Suns looked like a championship team.  They easily took care of business and cruised to a 120-114 game 1 win.

But the big story was the Game 7 between Atlanta Hawks and Philadelphia 76ers.  Trust the process, right?  Wrong!  Ben Simmons did something I have never seen before.

This was Ben Simmons’ shots taken in the fourth quarter.  He didn’t attempt a shot since game 3 in the fourth quarter.  I am not a 76ers fan in any aspect but this man has to be traded like tomorrow!  How the fuck can you do this?  How can you play 7 games and take a combined 3 shots in 84 minutes… Like I literally can’t comprehend it.  Simmons played his last game as a 76er and he has no one to blame except himself.  Simmons also had what people are calling the turning point of the game.

Up 1 with 8:46 to play in the game.  Simmons passes a wide open layup… You can’t make this up.  They deserved to lose.  Joel Embiid can’t do it all!  It sucks that the process ended at the hands of the Hawks.  I always thought it would have been the Celtics but I’m glad that disaster is over.

In Conclusion

We are in for an exciting Conference Championship.  Hawks vs. Bucks and Suns vs. Clippers is going to be great!  I think the Finals will be Suns vs. Bucks and we will see Chris Paul and Devin Booker win their first championship!

John (Uncle_mac4)

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