Everyone Needs a Sad Song Playlist

Regardless of whether or not you want to admit it, everyone needs a good sad song playlist. It doesn’t have to just be used when you’re sad and need a good cry either. I personally primarily use mine to keep me even-keeled when I’m stressed or am around people I don’t necessarily like for too long. But anyway, after our very own Couch Guy Sports social media girl, Chanel Keenan, asked me to create a playlist for her, I got to thinking more people could probably use one. Re-creating a whole playlist in an article would be a lot, so I’ll just be suggesting five of my favorite gut-wrenching country songs, in no particular order. Continue reading to the end to see the full playlist, which includes a mix of country and other genres!

I Didn’t Fall in Love With Your Hair- Brett Kissel (ft. Carolyn Dawn Johnson)

This one is a little known song that packs an extremely powerful punch. I don’t recommend listening to it if you or a loved one is going through treatment for cancer unless you want to cry. It’s from the perspective of a man who’s watching his significant other battle cancer. Between the gut-wrenching lyrics and the simple piano melody behind it, this song is guaranteed to hit you right where it hurts.

Why- Rascal Flatts

The band Rascal Flatts wanders into largely uncharted territory with their song “Why”: suicide. It’s very slow with minimal production and is from the perspective of someone who just lost a loved one to suicide. They find themselves wondering why that person chose to take their life and what they could’ve done. It’s incredibly sad all around, as you can probably imagine. But, it’s also perhaps the most important one on this list given how few songs there are like it. For anyone out there who is grieving someone who took their own life, this song is a must-listen. And for anyone out there who’s contemplating suicide, please know that you are never alone. There are countless people out there who love you and want to help you, including those at the National Suicide Helpline (1-800-273-8255).

Drowning- Chris Young

“Drowning” is perfect for anyone who’s grieving. Be it a parent, pet, or friend like it is in the song, this song will resonate strongly with you. It finds the speaker singing about someone they loved who passed away suddenly, and how their grief hits them in waves. To put it in perspective as to how emotional this one is, the first time Chris Young (who wrote this about his best friend who passed away in a car accident) ever sang it live, he broke down crying shortly into the final chorus after struggling to hold back tears the whole time. It’s a truly beautiful and incredibly sad song, especially the piano version, that will hit you straight in the gut.

You Should Be Here- Cole Swindell

By now, you’re probably sensing a common thread that most of my favorite sad songs have to do with death. Why, I have absolutely no idea, because I’ve never lost anyone close to me except for my dog. They’re just the ones I find to be the saddest, I guess. But anyway, similar to “Drowning,” “You Should Be Here” finds the speaker singing about a loved one they lost. But, instead of focusing on their grief like “Drowning” does, they’re singing about all the things they’re doing that they wish the deceased could be a part of. Swindell wrote it about his father, who passed away in a freak accident in 2013. But, it fits any loss. The score of the song matches the lyrics perfectly, creating an amazing, poignant song. If you’ve lost someone, it’s sure to get you thinking about all the things you wish they were still around to do with you.

Even Though I’m Leaving- Luke Combs

Last for this article but certainly not least, we have “Even Though I’m Leaving” by Luke Combs. A song about the relationship between a father and his son, the first verse sees the son asking the father, who serves in the military, not to leave him. Then, during the chorus, the father reassures them that even though he won’t be physically present, he’ll always be with him. The second verse then sees the son leaving for a military deployment, and he’s scared because he won’t be able to call his dad whenever he wants. Finally, the song ends with the father on his deathbed, and the son pleading with him to stay. It’s a very moving, powerful song that, like all the others on this list, packs quite the punch.

Check Out the Full Sad Song Playlist Below

I had a really hard time narrowing this list down to just five. But, if I didn’t, I would’ve ended up doing the whole thing, and no one wants to read that. While these five songs are some of my favorites, there are so many others out there that I could’ve put here. There’s Luke Bryan’s “Drink a Beer,” Lee Brice’s “I Drive a Truck,” Chord Overstreet’s “Hold On,” and so many others. Be sure to check out the full playlist below to see them all (mind the username, I was in fifth grade when I made it)! It’s a mix of country and other genres, as well as a mix of sappy love songs and songs like the ones on this list that are meant to be sad. What’s on your sad song playlist that I should add to mine? Let me know on Twitter or in the comments!

-Lydia Murray (@lydia_murray12)

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