Legends Lingo Podcast Episode 94: Pats WIN and Alex Cora is BACK!

Here is episode 94 of the Legends Lingo podcast. This is the podcast that breaks it ALL down in every Boston sport, respectively. If you’re a new fan, welcome. If you’re a recurring fan, thank you. Here’s the short version of the episode.

Topics Covered This Week

We get into a variety of topics in this one. First off, the Patriots actually won a football game! In 2020! I know, it’s shocking to us too. We break down the Patriots last second win over the Jets. With the win, do we feel good about it or did we want them to continue to lose for the tank? We also preview the Ravens game and no surprise, we picked them to lose before the game occurred! After that, we talk Celtics for a bit. Will they make a move before the draft? Could a guy like Gordon Hayward no longer be a Celtics player? The possibilities are endless in this discussion. Finally…Alex Cora IS BACK! The Red Sox officially made Alex Cora their manager for the 2021 season and beyond. We jump for joy in this one with Cora back into the fold. But is it the only move the Red Sox should make all off-season? Newsflash, no it isn’t! We dive deeper into what Cora’s being manager now means for the Red Sox going forward.

Where Can You Find Us?

You can find us on the couch guy website. We’re also on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, and Youtube under the Couch Guy Sports channel. It’s not that hard to find us. Literally type in “Legends Lingo” on google and we’ll come up. Help us out people!

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Other than that, sit back, relax, and enjoy the latest Legends Lingo episode.

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