Legends Lingo Podcast Episode 95: Pats SHOCK Ravens | Gordon Hayward GONE? | James Harden to Boston?

Episode 95 of the Legends Lingo Podcast is officially here! There’s a LOT going down with the Patriots and the Celtics. So obviously, we’re going to talk about it! If you want quick access to the podcast episode, here you go!

Topics Covered This Week

We start off with getting excited about a BIG upset win at home for the Patriots against the Baltimore Ravens. The Patriots were not supposed to beat the Ravens. We had them losing to the Ravens. But they beat the Ravens! We go over what went right and what went wrong. We also get into the Texans game coming up. Is it a trap game? Should it be an easy victory? We get into that and much more with the Patriots. Then we get into the Celtics as there is a TON happening. Gordon Hayward looks like he’s as good as gone. The draft is coming up, could it mean an actual move for the Celtics? James Harden supposedly wants out of Houston and Boston is said to be a potential landing spot. Do we want Harden in green? A lot of Celtics talk to break down as the offseason continues on!

Where Can You Find Us?

Where can’t you find us is the better question at this point? We’ve made it pretty clear where you can find us. But hey, we’ll tell you again! We’re on iTunes, Spotify, Youtube, and Soundcloud. You can also find out on the Couch Guy Sports website under the “Legends Lingo” tab. Type us in on google and there’s a pretty good shot you’ll find us.

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Other than that, sit back, relax, and enjoy episode 95 of the Legends Lingo Podcast!

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