Evan Fournier Joins Select Group After His Celtics Debut

Last night, the Boston Celtics lost to the New Orleans Pelicans by a final score of 115 – 109. For the Pelicans, Zion Williamson led the way with 28 points, while Boston’s Jayson Tatum managed to put up 34 points in the Celtics defeat.

Regardless of the outcome, one of the main stories coming into the game was the Celtics debut of guard Evan Fournier. Fournier, 28, was acquired by Boston via the Orlando Magic in exchange for two second-round picks.

The Celtics are hoping that Fournier can bring some scoring and shooting to a team that relies too heavily on isolation plays from Jaylen Brown, Kemba Walker and Jayson Tatum. Unfortunately for Boston, Fournier was unable to bring any of that in his first game in green.

According to NBA.com, Fournier became just the fourteenth player in NBA history to score 0 points, shoot more than 10 field goals, and play more 30 minutes or more in a game. He also became just the fourth player in the shot clock era to go 0-10 or worse in a team debut.

That is less than ideal for Celtics’, especially considering the C’s are right on the bubble of the playoffs.

In all honesty, I could go on and on about how poorly Fournier played last night. 0-10 speaks for itself. Still, this was just his first game and he has been a solid shooter (37.6% from three-point range) throughout his career since being drafted to the league in 2009.

There is no need to panic about Fournier. It was just an off-night for him, which can be understood since he just had to pick up his life and move from Florida to Boston. So Celtics fans: don’t worry about the new guy, there are plenty of other issues that this team should be worrying about.

– Jarrod Ribaudo (@jarrod_ribaudo on Twitter)

Featured image courtesy of Twitter / @ESPNStatsInfo

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