MLB Clubhouse DJ’s, Five Songs That Need to be Played in the Clubhouse, Lil Nas X’s Wild New Video

There is going to be a lot to unpack here so throw your AirPods in, turn up the volume and let’s go.

Music is absolutely crucial to a clubhouse atmosphere and culture in Major League Baseball. The clubhouse DJ helps bring the entire team together through music. The win song is just as important as to the constant music that is pumped in clubhouse throughout the season. 

A few years ago, the Red Sox win song was Future’s “Mask Off”. During their World Series run in 2018, they used “New York, New York” in the ALDS when they played their rival the New York Yankees. In fairness the Red Sox playing “New York, New York” was more of a subtle middle finger to the Yankees. 

Music just sets the tone for the players in the clubhouse who’ll spend seven plus months together. It is a way for them to find a common ground and learn to bond beyond playing between the foul lines every night.

Old Town Road

During All-Star weekend back in 2019, the festivities took place in Cleveland. The song “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X was released and began to take MLB clubhouses by storm. 

Red Sox All-Star J.D. Martinez introduced the clubhouse to the Lil Nas X song after he heard it. During a series in Seattle that season, he would come into the clubhouse and turn it on for his teammates. The song wasn’t exactly well received at first by his teammates. 

“We were in Seattle playing the Mariners and I had heard the song and I saw it was beginning to go viral, so I came to my clubhouse and I turned it on,” Martinez said in an interview with Complex. “Everyone’s like, ‘JD, what the heck is this? This is brutal. This and that.’ I go, ‘You guys watch. This thing’s going to go viral, this is going to blow up.”

Martinez wasn’t wrong about the song as “Old Town Road” as it was nominated for a ton of awards in 2019. It took some time for his teammates to come around on it but he got some help when former Red Sox outfielder Mookie Betts backed him on the tune. 

“Eddie Rodriguez was like, ‘You’re such a liar. This and that. It sucks. Whatever, whatever, whatever,'” Martinez recalled to Complex. “Mookie’s like, ‘This song kind of rides, like a little bit, you know?’ And then we got back to the house and everyday that song on the radio. Every single day it was on the speaker system. And then Eddie Rodriguez, first day back, put it on as his walk out. I said, ‘Eddie, I thought that this song sucked?’ ‘No, I like it, I like it.’ So it was funny.”

Lil Nas X Satan Video and Shoes

Lil Nas X holding the new Satan sneaker / Courtesy MSCHF

Now, Lil Nas X has dropped another new song that went viral but for other reasons than the song and the video.

The rapper and singer launched a brand new controversial pair of “Satan Shoes” to coincide with his new song “Montero”. The Nike Air Max 97’s feature a bronze pentagram, an inverted cross and a drop of real human blood. The sneakers which only have 666 made have near almost sold out. 

Nike, however is not pleased with the sneakers. They are now suing Lil Nas X and New York-based art collective MSCHF for trademark infringement. The Oregon based shoe maker is trying to distance themselves from the sneaker because they did not design them. 

In a statement by Nike, “We do not have a relationship with Lil Nas or MSCHF,” the company said. “Nike did not design or release these shoes and we do not endorse them.”

The new sneakers retailed for $1,018 in reference to a Bible passage Luke 10:18 which reads, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.”

Despite being sued by Nike the music video is a wild ride which has spurred backlash. The song “Montero” has spawned outrage and has gone viral for various reasons. However, the song and the beat is catchy and makes you move. Some might say it slaps. This song is just catchy enough that it could be the next Lil Nas X jam to be in an MLB clubhouse this season. 

Let’s Get to Business

In closing, music helps make the world go round and it brings the players together in the clubhouse. With MLB Opening Day just a mere days away, I reached out to Couch Guy Sports resident DJ, Diego The DJ. 

Here are five songs that Diego The DJ thinks must be played in an MLB Clubhouse before or after games this season:

1 – Karol G – Bichota 

2 – DJ Felli Fell – Get Buck In Here

3 – Drake – What’s Next

4 – Bad Bunny – Dakiti

5 – Tiësto – The Business

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– Chris Henrique (@ChrisHenrique on Twitter)

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