European Super League: Fans Win! Now, What Comes Next?

The past 24 hours have been some of the most intense as they could ever be.

Following the saga of the European Super League and its creation, fans yesterday went absolutely bonkers! Soccer Twitter blew up and for the boys at the Yellow Card Podcast, it was quite the busy afternoon.

Allow us to catch you up the action!

Fans Win! Twitter Goes Bonkers!

We have been following this situation closely the past few days! We’ve brought to you everything you need to know, from concept and repercussions to how the plot thickened in less than 24 hours.

Well, yesterday soccer (football) Twitter really went overboard! In the spam of 5-10 minutes, the worldwide soccer fandom took to Twitter as news broke out in minutes from one another. The beginning to the celebration started with an announcement regarding all 12 super clubs meeting last night to decide the European Super League and it’s future. Shortly after that announcement, and as expected, one of the major 6 teams from England started the parade for fans!

The hero and the start of the show was no other than Chelsea FC. Our Yellow Card Podcast team broke the news here for the New England Region as reports that the London-based team were drafting documents for immediate leave from the European Super League.

The news shortly started spreading and the fan-base lost it in excitement! However, the party was yet to get started.

20 minutes later, teams like Arsenal, Manchester City and Manchester United were reportedly following Chelsea’s strategy, then! The news came in!

Oh yes! The huge nightmare and the potential threat towards the end of European soccer was disbanded within 72 hour span. Fans in London immediately took to the streets in what will go down as one of the greatest celebrations for the sport in itself. However, for one team-base the night was far from over. You’ll see why shortly!

Second Largest News Of The Night! – Manchester United….

The biggest news of the night for Manchester United fans would send the fanbase into absolute pandemonium! A long and heavily awaited announcement by the Manchester United base would finally hit the press after 9 years. Ed Woodward, executive Vice-Chairman of the team would finally turn his resignation after 9 years with the club. Ed was a hardly welcomed face at Old Trafford and his time with the team created angst and in other’s point of view, weakened United’s stance in the game.

Following Ed’s announcement, the biggest trending hashtag then followed suit calling for the ownership of the team to leave! The hashtag #GlazersOutNow trended thru Twitter like rapid fire in a matter of seconds following this announcement. Many across the world are under the expectation that Joel Glazer and family put the team out for sale at the end of the season following the chaotic situation with Super League.

As a United fan, this would easily be one of the biggest moments in history for a team that was created by the people and strengthened by its fans like many others across the world. For United fans, since the ownership of the Glazers took place it has been a roller-coaster ride that many of us wish will end soon.

Ed’s resignation made him the first victim following this situation. However, it has also led to other teams wanting ownership gone! In example, Arsenal fans who always want Kroenke out.

Super League OVER! What comes next?

So now that fans have won and have put the biggest battle of their lives for the sport behind them, what comes next is the biggest question.

For the 12 clubs involved in this Super League, there are hefty speculations of UEFA and FIFA preparing harsh repercussions for the ownership of these clubs. I mean seriously, how can these club owners not expect that! The owners lacked transparency with their own team players and managers, additionally put fans in the back burner and truly shook the core of the sport.

UEFA and FIFA management are now set to meet Friday to discuss this topic. For fans of the any of the 12 teams involved, be ready and beware! I fully expect huge repercussions to follow.

Anyways, keep an eye out for the Yellow Card Podcast Twitter page as they will continue to monitor the situation.

~Diego Galvis (@Diego_TheDJ on Twitter). 

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