European Super League – Soccer: The Plot Thickens

Following up with the reported yesterday, regarding the European Super League the past 24 hours have been intense!

As more reports come out regarding this potential league, many players have come forth with their opposition to the matter. One incredibly angering factor of this, is the apparent lack of transparency between owners and managers at these teams. Allow me to break down for you what has transpired in 24 hours thus far.

Managers Speak Up!

As news broke out of the super teams joining the Super League. Staff from the major 6 English Premier League clubs spoke out against the matter. One common theme seemed to follow in the past 24 hours, that theme being as mentioned, the lack of transparency!

Some managers spoke out yesterday and were surprised by the move and felt absolutely blind-sided!

Unfortunately, the brunt of it went to Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool. Liverpool fans demonstrated yesterday ahead of the Leeds game and made sure to be vocal about their denial in wanting to be a part of such thing.

 Players Voice Their Opinion!

Several players also had lots to say! Some of the players speaking up are part of the teams involved, while some others gave their full opinion, no strings attached.

One that truly captured the attention of many was Patrick Bamford from Leeds United. The Leeds forward gave an emphatic and straight-forward answer when asked about his opinion. Take a look below:


Truly what it comes down to is morals. Another player taking leadership on this matter is Liverpool captain, Jordan Henderson. Reports this morning announced an “Emergency Meeting” Scheduled by Liverpools captain to meet with all team captains and explore all options available on the table to leave this Super League. The idea of having this meeting is excellent and hopefully a lot comes out of that meeting. For the players in these clubs, there is serious risks of potentially being kicked out of World Cup competition.

Clubs From Around The World Oppose Super League.

In addition to club players and managers opposing to this super league, other clubs are also opposing the matter. One of the biggest clubs and quickest to oppose this was Bayern Munich yesterday.

The Bavarian side made it clear that they wanted nothing to do with this! Following the announcement from Bayern, the other club that immediately followed suit was Paris St. Germain.

Additionally out of the English Premier League, the other 14 clubs met up this morning and unanimously agreed to oppose the Super League project.

With their opposition, many in England are considering urging for a possible ban from the EPL on those 6 teams involved. Meanwhile, others expect a fall out from one of the major 6 teams were one will not take part on this project.

The expectations on that possible team falling out are between teams like Manchester City and potentially Liverpool. Simply, those two teams realize that the repercussions behind this project are too costly.

One thing is for sure, the Champions League will vote on whether or not to remove Chelsea, Real Madrid and Manchester City from the tournament effective immediately. Should that take place, it will lead into crowning Paris St. Germain the champions this year.

Final Remarks…

While the drama will continue to unfold on this matter, continue to keep up with the Yellow Card Podcast twitter page (@podcastcard). The Yellow Card Podcast is brought to you by Couch Guy Sports and focuses on all things soccer. You can also find the podcast available on YouTube and Spotify.

~Diego Galvis (@Diego_TheDJ On Twitter).

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