European Super League: Concept, Reactions and Repercussions!

Over the weekend, while many of us were enjoying soccer action, a major announcement shook the core of the “beautiful game”.

The announcement of the European Super League being created took Europe by surprise and many soccer legends, coaches and teams have spoken about the matter.

Allow me to bring you up to speed on what you may have missed as a soccer fan and even as a sports fan on this development.

European Super League: Concept.

The European Super league involves 12 of Europe’s leading football clubs establishing this new midweek competition. League meant to rival the UEFA Champions League.

Reports say, teams could get a check for about 250-300 million euros to begin with, then in the future they could make almost 3x that much money a season than what they get currently from the Champions League.

Where does the many come from? Well, this league is funded by JP Morgan Chase! A huge loan at a value of $6 Billion euros!!

In addition, while there is no relegation from this league, there is promotion room available as every year, 3-5 teams could make their way onto this said league if approved.

Reactions Across the World.

As you can imagine, the news have shaken many!

Here are a few I would like to share with you:

Gary Neville: Ex-Manchester United Defenseman. 

Ander Herrera: Current & First Player to speak against this new league – PSG Midfielder

RB Leipzig CEO…

As you can tell, the sentiment is strongly against this.

In a way, I sort of understand the needs for this league’s creation. However, I am whole heartedly distraught and many fans are questioning their allegiances to their teams. Personally, while the pandemic and its economical impact have a lot to do here, this isn’t the right time for this. An effort driven by corporate greed that discredits the messaging FIFA has been trying to carry all year long, EQUALITY FOR ALL.

Repercussions? MANY!

Many across the world are concerned. With the creation of this league, the world fears a potential end to the sport in this continent.

One of the major repercussions expected, are that players who are part of these 12 clubs will NOT be allowed to participate in the World Cup. A secondary repercussion is the departure of these big teams from the ECA.

The departures could leave a vulnerable Champions League in an incredible fragile state.

Another point of view though, would be that the MLS could strongly benefit here. While many of the European top brass leave the ECA, the MLS could surely become a top league in the world. In my opinion though, it would be extremely important for the MLS and the MX league to merge.

Why is a merger between the Mexican League and the MLS important? Those two leagues merging would create a major force for North America and would strengthen from European involvement like David Beckham and others. Should the MLS and MX league merge, it could bring very positive things like economical relieve amongst other things. It may be time for America to save the “beautiful game” from collapse.

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~Diego Galvis (@Diego_TheDJ on Twitter).

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