What will the Patriots do in the NFL Draft?

The NFL Draft is 10 days away and we as Patriots fans are still left to wonder what will happen. As it currently stands, the Patriots hold the number 15 overall pick in the first round. Now of course, there has been a lot of speculation. Will the Patriots trade up for a quarterback? Will they hope that a QB slides to them at 15? Could they shock everyone and go with a different position entirely at 15? Well, it’s always fun to speculate. So let’s get some predictions in with 10 days remaining.

Patriots Trade Up Into the Top 5 for Justin Fields

There is serious interest in Justin Fields here. The Patriots are not going to waste their time by going to two pro days of the same quarterback. It’s a lock at this point that Trevor Lawrence ends up in Jacksonville and Zach Wilson ends up as a Jet. After that, the field is basically wide open. We could see Fields even land at number three to San Francisco. But one things for certain, the Patriots are interested in Fields. If they really think he can be their quarterback of the future, then they’ll do whatever it takes to trade into the top five to make sure they can select Fields.

Stephon Gilmore OR N’Keal Harry Gets Traded

I don’t know how legitimate this really is on the surface. But this is something that’s believable. Gilmore is on the final year of his deal. He is coming off a tough 2020 season. However, this is a Defensive Player of the Year we’re talking about here. Somebody could swoop in and acquire Gilmore on trade night. Maybe a team like a Cleveland? We shall see.

N’Keal Harry’s name has flown around in trade rumors too. He hasn’t been the first round receiver the Patriots had hoped for in his two NFL seasons. A contending team might take a chance on Harry to be a 2nd or 3rd option potentially. Washington is one team to look out for in this scenario. Would Harry being traded be the worst thing in the world? Not really! If anything, maybe you get a bit of value for him.

Patriots Stay at 15 and Draft Micah Parsons

This would freak Patriots fans out big time. The Patriots bolstered up on defense this offseason and have a few guys coming back after COVID opt outs in the 2020 season. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Patriots went with Parsons at 15 in the first round. He’s athletic and highly talented. Plus, we all know how much Bill Belichick loves drafting defense. It’s what brought him six Super Bowls to the Patriots after all. Again, this is a guy that will be a mid-first round pick in the 2021 draft. If the Patriots picked him at #15? It’s not the worst thing in the world, but it isn’t what the fans will want.

In Conclusion

There’s a number of scenarios for the Patriots on draft night. Trades are always fun to entertain. This might be the first year the Patriots desperately need a quarterback in the first round. What will Bill Belichick actually do come April 29th? Only time will tell.

Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)


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