Yellow Card Podcast Episode 33

Welcome to another episode of the Yellow Card Podcast presented to you by Couch Guy Sports! Make sure to check out http://www.Couchguysports.com for all your daily content from the crew!


In this weeks’ episode, there was lots to talk about as the crew cover the UEFA Champions League as well as the Europa League. Lots of action happened this week and the boys give you a rundown over their predictions and the games themselves.


Following that conversation, this weekend the FA Cup brings two MASSIVE matches lining up for the final of this years’ FA Cup. What does the crew think prediction wise? Check it out!


Lastly, as the Premier League season lines up its ending, the Manager of the Year conversation circulates and the boys share their thoughts on that as well as an additional topic you will want to check out!


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Thank you to everyone for listening!


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