EURO 2020 FINAL IS HERE! Who Wins It?

Happy Sunday everyone and welcome to yet another exciting day of football!

Last night, we were privileged to witness a great Copa America Final between Messi and Neymar. Now, this weekend we get an opportunity to witness the Euro 2020 final. The Euro final taking place today at 3PM EST at Wembley Stadium in London between Italy and England. So, who will win it?

Let’s get talking about the teams and share predictions.

England Euro 2020 Final Is Here!

England fans pray the Three Lions stick the boot into Germany during their  Euro 2020 clash at Wembley

(Image credit to Inews.co.uk)

In a tournament where many have said, England could be bring it home, the chance to do so is finally here for England! The journey this English team has undergone has been ridden by many high and lows so far.

Some of their lows starting at the beginning of the tournament. The team led by Gareth Southgate lacked chemistry and understand of each other’s play style. Now, as the tournament has gone further, their highest point has been trusting each other and the seniority in the team.

Now, their opportunity to win the Euro 2020 final is here. Some of the key components for their success today will be the following:

  • Rely on the aerial game: Harry Maguire and John Stones are two lethal weapons in this category. Use them to your advantage!
  • Midfield Creativity: We have seen how good Philipps and Grealish mesh when on the field together, do it again.
  • Luke Shaw Factor: Luke has shown he is a streaky fast passer and chance creator, trust him doing so again and give him help in someone like Marcus Rashford or Jack Grealish.

Wishing the best of luck to the English team and may the home crowd be part of the help that gets you the glory of lifting the cup tonight.

Italy’s Renaissance – Mancini The Leader!

Scottish newspaper turns to 'Braveheart' Mancini ahead of Euro 2020 final | Euro  2020 | Italy | England | Roberto Mancini | Braveheart

(Image credit to onmanorama.com)

The Italians are poised to lift the cup too and there is a huge level of excitement behind them once again.

Back a few months before the start of this tournament, many worried about how this Italian team would work out given their massive drop in talent at the hands of poor management. Along the way, Roberto Mancini was brought up and given the chance to coach this talent and he’s done wonders.

It should be of no surprise to hear this. Mancini is heavily known for rebuilding Manchester City into the powerhouse that they are today. He left City in conditions where someone like Pep Guardiola could take and run with it. Now, here he is for Italy doing the same. So, what must Italy do to conquer the ultimate goal in this tournament? Let’s talk about 3 key factors they must take into account.

  1. Help Your Defense: Italy recently lost their most talented defender in Leonardo Spinazzola. Now, people like Verratti and Jorginho must help. However, expect Mancini to maybe provide additional help by bringing Manuel Locatelli.
  2. Offense, Offense, Offense: With the latest triple threat developing in this Italian team with Chiesa, Immobile and Insigne. If anything, this should allow for offensive chances to be created. The long ball will be a huge help here for Italy and something England often struggles against.
  3. Ball Possession: The Italians are known for their short passing game and ability to maintain the ball. Huge key factor here as allowing England to maintain the ball will be risky. While your goalie is one of the best currently, he will crack under pressure.

Good luck Italy. Vivo Azzurro!

Predicting the Winner.

EURO 2020: All you need to know about Europe's football extravaganza |  Euronews

(Image credit to euronews.com)

Now onto predicting who could win this. Personally, for me its so tough to do so right now. You have in one hand a team full of youth and a promising future for football in England coached by a steady hand and sometimes mind-boggling Gareth Southgate. Say what you want about him, but he has managed to get this English team in line and done well.

On the other hand, you have an Italian team in the midst of a change of guards but promising the opportunity to see a new golden age. Mancini took over a job that virtually no Italian coach wanted at all. He is literally the braves heart at this moment and his bravery and talent has paid off big dividends.

In my opinion, this is anyone’s game to lose. Both teams are so well composed and could offer a very intense but close game. However, I worry that England could crack under the pressure of being at home and getting caught into the emotional game. I also worry that Italy if playing over-confident could fall asleep at the wheel and crash and burn here. Therefore, I predict this game to be close all the way thru 90 minutes and extra time, letting penalties decide the winner. In which case, here is where Italy could take it away given how amazingly Gianluigi Donnarumma has done this tournament. It isn’t that Jordan Pickford is bad, just Donnarumma in my opinion is a better Penalty saving goalie.

Either way, good luck to both! Whoever wins this is beyond deserving of the title.

(Featured image credited to news.sky.com)

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