The Euro 2020 May Be Coming Home, England!

Now that the Euro 2020 tournament is almost over, England there is one question left to answer. Is the euro 2020 coming home?

The story so far through this tournament has been England and the possibilities of this cup coming home. Now the opportunity is just right around the corner. However, what are some strengths and areas where England could out perform Italy in? Let’s take a look!

England’s Euro 2020 Path To The Final.

The English team from the start of the tournament, has been the one team that many should’ve been following all along. England’s National Team manager, Gareth Southgate prepared a fully loaded punch for this tournament with an amazing lineup of 25 men coming to this tournament.

One of the most improved profiles in this journey for England has been their goalkeeper, Jordan Pickford. The Everton keeper had been under a lot of scrutiny and criticism given his drop in performance earlier in the Premier League. However, towards the end of the Premier League season, Pickford was showing strong signs of improvement. Perhaps, maybe even carrying that momentum onto this tournament.

Another great aspect of this team has been their youthful and talented defense! The back four combination of Kyle Walker, Harry Maguire, John Stones and Luke Shaw have given England an advantage and massive strength in this competition.

While the start of the tournament, England went under heavy criticism for a lack-luster performance to open the tournament. England has managed to gel together and that chemistry has brought them to this final stage of the competition.

Now the question is, what else should they do to bring the cup home?

Creativity for England Is KEY!

The euro 2020 coming home to England could be guaranteed by utilizing their creativity in full against Italy.

For England, it is imperative to exploit the weakness Italy currently has missing their wing defensive man, Leonardo Spinazzola. If there is a team out of the many in Euro 2020 that could do it, is literally England.

Southgate has got to think this lineup thru more than ever before and fully unleash the youthfulness and creativity aspect out of this team if he wants to send Wembley into pandemonium singing “It’s coming home”. So how should Southgate’s England lineup against Italy this Sunday? Here is my personal opinion on how they should stack up, take a look below:

As you look at this, you’re wondering if Sancho and Grealish is overkill. The answer is NO! Why bring on Sancho and Grealish then? Its simple, Jack Grealish poses a major threat defensively to Italy like no other. Jack’s strength is his quick feet and technicality in his passing game where he creates chances unexpectedly for Harry Kane and Raheem Sterling to strike and be lethal.

Meanwhile, Jadon Sancho on the opposite side offers versatility, great technique and offers creativity that expands not only the midfield game but also creates chaos defensively for Italy should they try to contain his speed and creativity. If Italy falls for that, it leaves Kane and Sterling open which we all know its the worse possible outcome for Italy.

Gareth, I hope you reading this and getting some ideas!

Final Thoughts.

So now, it is basically left to us fans to see what each side will come out firing with at the final.

One thing I do have as a thought is that for England, if this trophy comes home it should really be a telling story of what England has to offer the world of soccer. Just this past year, the English Premier League was the best league to follow all year long and in fact the most successful. We saw, Chelsea win the Champions League, Manchester City win the Premier League and Leicester City win the FA Cup.

With so much talent brewing in that European region, it would be rewarding for the Euro 2020 to come home.

(Featured image credit to fearthewall.com)

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