Euro 2020 Bracket Predictions

Welcome back for more Euro 2020 coverage provided by Couch Guy Sports.

As of this writing, we now know that Denmark and Italy will advance onto the next stage. With the bracket released earlier this week, we now focus and move onto the next few games and who we see moving on. First of, let’s have a look at what the bracket looks like. See below:

Euro 2020 bracket: Knockout stage matchups, times for last 16 - Sports Illustrated

Now, bring on the predictions!

Must – Watch Games!

As I look at this bracket, there are some seriously intense games I can’t wait to watch. Some of them, would even be telling of who could absolutely win this tournament. However, it could also continue to remind many that there are teams to be very watchful of. 

So as the Euro continues, let me share with you my must-watch games.

For starters, Belgium vs. Portugal is an absolute must to watch! Belgium is currently the #1 national team in the world according to the latest FIFA rankings. However, Portugal have shown signs of being here to fight for it all and are just a piece or two from figuring out their dynamic offensively. On the other hand, the duo of Romelu Lukaku and Kevin DeBruyne continue to put the whole world on notice. Easily, this game can be a high scoring affair or a penalty shoot out. Although, I think a surprise here could very well be in store, and Portugal could walk away with a massive win.

Up next, another incredible game to watch is England vs. Germany. England has left much to be desired from their national team and regardless of their performance thus far, Gareth Southgate is set to receive a contract extension according to sources. Then, you have a German team which many considered to be a failure waiting to happen and yet have shown otherwise to the world. The battle between these two will be demanding and certainly one that could be another scoring affair. However, all is dependent on how England is stacked against Germany come kick-off.

Euro 2020 Bracket Predictions Time!

So now, its time for some predictions and I can’t wait to share mine with you.

First and foremost, I have shared with you previously that I think Portugal could surprise Belgium. I am going to stick with it, even though I know it could also go the other way too. The only reason I am thinking Portugal could move on is thanks to their goalkeeper, Rui Patricio who has been wonderful to watch this whole tournament.

I also predict that while Switzerland will be a tough match for France, the French are simply to overwhelmingly stacked and will advance to the next round.

Croatia vs. Spain offers a perfect matchup between old guard vs. new age! I was personally very impressed with Spain’s latest victory and therefore, I am going to ride with la Furia Roja! I am also going to throw in here that I see Ukraine smashing past Sweden. Ukraine’s attack with Zinchenko and Yarmolenko is simply a heavy threat for a Swedish team driven by their stagnant defense.

The Netherlands will also finally be tested and while this is a great test, it may be one where their continuing story is just too powerful against a Czech Republic thriving thanks to their strong defense.

Last but not least, England vs. Germany! What an incredible battle we are in for. However, I shared a take on Episode 41 of the Yellow Card Podcast that I think you need to tune into by the way. With that take in mind, I am sticking to England and hope that my gut feeling proves to be correct. We could finally see Jadon Sancho unleashed which will add the component of surprise to a German team that will struggle against his creativity if unleashed.

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~ Diego Galvis (@Diego_TheDJ on Twitter).



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