Episode 5: Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good: Best and Worst College Football Uniforms

Welcome to your top ASMR collegiate athletics podcast. This week the boys discuss…


Are we any good at it? Or is it super creepy? I suppose we will just leave that up to you, the individual to decide.

Couch Guy Sports Trivia

We (Connor) wiped the floor with the competition, so much in fact that it wasn’t even really a competition at all. We relive our glory detailing how it all played out.


  • Ivy League voted to postpone all fall sports, is the 2020 football season screwed?
  • UCONN basketball is back in the Big East
  • Luka Garza might jump ship to the NBA? Which could shake up the college basketball landscape

Best/Worst College Football Uniforms

We didn’t so much pick a few uniforms we love and hate, rather than go through every major college football program and either praise them or rip them apart for their uniforms. SO most likely your team was mentioned and judged upon.

Guess That Fight Song

A song that many people will recognize, but what school does it go to?


Gilli has to come up with a couple of players because Connor is just too on the ball today. I mean seriously we all know where Akilli Smith played college ball.

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