The Clock is Ticking on Bill Belichick

For the last two decades, The New England Patriots have been the gold standard for any team in professional sports. Three individuals you can attribute to that success: Robert Kraft, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.

Not to go into a complete recap about this offseason, everyone knows what happened: TB12 is a Buccaneer and Bill Belchick is still here. For both this season and beyond this will add another legendary chapter of success of their careers this time separated or just a footnote in their first ballot hall of fame careers.

Specifically for Bill Belichick how he will handle this upcoming season and the season beyond will probably affect the Patriots for next 20 years or more. 

This offseason has been focused on getting younger and faster on both sides of the ball and giving certain guys more responsible on their plates. But the one question that has remained is who will be Brady’s successor. Will it be Jarrett Stidham? Or is Bill having doubts and taking a risk with Cam Newton to buy time to find THE NEXT GUY? 

Time will tell but time isn’t on Bill Belichick’s side. Face it people He’s 68…. How many more years will he coach or even want to coach? That will be the biggest question minus(finding a QB) for Patriots going forward. And no I’m saying to fire him or put him on the hot seat. But, it’s ok to ask if he’s lost his fastball.

Patriots fans.. Wake up!!  we probably wouldn’t be seeing a superbowl appearance for a bit. The Chiefs have Patrick Mahomes, Ravens have Lamar Jackson and the Texans have Deshaun Waston. The AFC is tough folks… No more Tomato Cans. 

What Bill Belichick does in the next couple seasons shouldn’t be judged solely on wins and losses but how restructures the next generation of Patriots through the draft and hits on getting the next franchise QB.

I for one hope Bill doesn’t fail this quest but it’s fair to say that the clock is ticking and “All Eyes on Bill

-Fiesta (@tsf52)

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