Episode 17: Donald Trump Brought Football Back

Before you panic, or get excited depending on what side of the fence you find yourself on. Don’t read into the title too much, we’re just using it for clicks and as a good joke from the debate the other night.

We do talk about how our Dad’s send emails that provide bare minimum information yet somehow we know when their email address gets hacked.

And NFL Draft busts, like Jamarcus Russell. What’s the real world equivalent to that?

Upsets & Miracles

Last week was a wild week of college football and we haven’t even gotten into full swing yet. Oklahoma goes down, are their playoff dreams dashed?

Mississippi State had a record setting opening performance of the Mike Leach era against the defending champs LSU in Death Valley. Is Mississippi State better than we thought? Or is LSU just worse than we imagined.

Texas seemed destined to fall last weekend until Sam Ehlinger and the Longhorns pulled off a miracle against the Red Raiders, was it enough to keep them in the playoff picture?

Big Slate This Week

The SEC ramps up the competition this week with a couple of ranked games. Texas A&M travels to Alabama and Georgia and Auburn meet up in a battle of top ten teams early in the season.

We also ask, is Pitt for real? Will North Carolina begin to flex their muscles? And what is the deal with playing at Ames at night? We don’t really know all we can say is that it’s weird.

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