English Premier League Roundup

We have concluded ten matchdays in the English Premier League and we have some crazy things going on at the very moment. From managers getting sacked to teams playing above where anybody expected them to be. This season of the Premier League has been crazy so far, but it is only just getting started. With that being said here is my English Premier League roundup to discuss at the moment.

Tottenham Says Bye-Bye To Nuno Espirito Santo

Tottenham came out of the gate flying winning their first three games of the season. Since then they have struggled as they are 2-0-5 in their last seven matches. Tottenham hasn’t looked bad, but they really haven’t looked great either. After this rough stretch, the Tottenham front office has had enough and decided to make a change. The change that was made was Nuno being sacked by Tottenham. The Spurs however already have their eye on their next manager.

That is right everybody was waiting for the signing of Antonio Conte to become the next manager of Manchester United. Well those talks are dead in the waters as Tottenham is looking to sign him till the end of the 2022/2023 campaign. The Spurs are currently sitting in eighth place on the table and I am curious to see why they decided to move on from Santo so quickly. Nobody wanted this job a few months ago due to the inconsistencies of what the roster was going to look like. Now that we know Conte comes in and thinks he can immediate make an impact.

Well I will be the first to say it, Harry Kane isn’t as important to this club as we once thought. The important player of the club right now is none other than Heung-Min Son. Kane in nine appearances this season has a goal and an assist. Son has four goals and an assist so far this season. Under Santo it looked like this team was going to be dangerous without Kane. Since Kane came back this team is mediocre at best. Hopefully for Tottenham fans we will see the best form of this team under Conte. However, with the way this team has looked I wouldn’t get my hopes up just yet.


Manchester United: Ole Stays … FOR NOW

Man United fans the problem has gone away for now. A lot of United fans have been very focal on the #OLEOUT movement. However, he keeps getting the job done with his back up against the wall. Ole has now outlasted 3 Barcelona managers, 3 Real Madrid managers, 3 Juventus managers, 2 Chelsea managers, 2 Bayern Munich managers, 2 Arsenal managers, 3 Spurs managers, 2 Inter Milan managers, and a PSG manager. However they have combined for 27 trophies in that span while Ole has none to show for at United.

The fans are outraged because the whirlwind of inconsistencies will still be there no matter what. They won 3-0 on Saturday against Tottenham and everything should be alright now right? Well I want to say it doesn’t look like things will ever be alright. The questions of Ole’s tactics will always be a discussion that is had. His inability to get guys like Donny Van de Beek into the lineup, wasting the talent of Sancho and Lingard by keeping them on the bench for the majority of the minutes they have played this season. Don’t get me wrong there has been obstacles in Ole’s way as well such as him getting Cristiano Ronaldo when you can tell that Ronaldo wasn’t apart of his plans. This situation is going to continue until one thing happens, Ole wins a trophy for United finally or #OLEOUT actually comes into fruition.


The Gunnars Are Clicking 

Since dropping their first three matches in the month of August, Arsenal has yet to lose a game. 5-2-0 in their last seven matches in the Premier League has been a fantastic stretch for Mikel Arteta. We have seen Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang look like he is back into great form once again. Four goals on the season already and he has looked great in those matches as well. Also since Arteta has made the switch from Leno to Ramsdale, this team has looked completely different. This could be just like the scenario Chelsea had last year when they switched from Kepa to Mendy. Arsenal is a team to watch out for now in the Premier League, as they are locked in and look like they are going to be a team to finish in the top four this season for the first time since the 2015/2016 campaign.



-Chris Jones (@cjoneswho1212)

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