Dwyane Wade Needs to Check Himself

Dwyane Wade has a good game for once this season and all of sudden thinks he can get on the starters for playing poorly and not “getting on the second unit.” GIVE ME A BREAK.

Aside from last nights performance in a losing effort against…the Hawks…Dwyane Wade is having one of the worst statistical seasons of his career. With Wade averaging just 9 PTS on 40% shooting in 22 minutes (just 7 less than last year), this would be the last guy I want barking at me if I’m on the Cavs. He’s completely washed up at this point of his career.

It must be okay for him, because he’s D-Wade, to take up significant playing time while contributing practically nothing to his teams success. Is this why he volunteered to take himself out of the starting lineup? So he wouldn’t be to blame when the starters not named LeBron James perform poorly?

Being one of the veteran leaders on this team, he should be making himself accountable for not getting on the bench players if anything. Isn’t that part of the reason he was brought to the Cavs? That “championship DNA” LeBron was talking about, yeah, he hasn’t shown it yet. With the way things are going right now for them, I doubt it will.

Written By: Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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