Danny Ainge Should Win NBA Excutive Of The Year

So, I have been very critical of Danny Ainge, ever since the Brooklyn trade happened. Before this off-season I hated the way Danny was handling the “treasure chest” of assets he stock piled. I wanted Jimmy Butler, I wanted Demarcus Cousins, And I sure as hell wanted me some Paul George. All trades Danny said thanks, but no thanks. It was so frustrating!, I’m thinking to myself okay, he’s got the ammo when he is gonna trade for the star that’s gonna help this team get to the next level.

Then the beginning of the off-season rolls around and here come more Paul George rumors. A few days before the draft the Celtics and Pacers seemed to be gaining traction on a deal that would land Paul George in green. But for whatever reason, the Pacers backed off and took a weak ass deal from the Thunder, just to send him to the western conference in my opinion. Then I was all pissed off ass hell, saying to myself another off-season would go by and they would make their drafts picks, which isn’t bad, building for the future is fine. I know I just wanted more, I felt there were young stars to be had and Danny HAD to make a move at some point right?

So we all know what comes next, July fourth it starts with Gordon Hayward telling us through the players tribune that he is coming to Boston. Fantastic!, Gordon is here but we saw with Al Horford last off-season they are starting to attract free agents. But we still need more! Me being the big Isiah Thomas hater I am, I still said that it’s not enough to beat Lebron. He wasn’t the only reason for that but when you have somebody as short as he is, it absolutely ruins your entire defense. The first thing they were gonna need to do to compete with these teams were to be able to dig in and defende alittle bit. I’m sorry but with Isiah Thomas the Boston Celtics would have NEVER won a ring, point-blank.

Then Danny finally made the trade I have been begging for since the Brooklyn trade happened. August 30th, the Celtics-Cavs trade was official, Kyrie was a Celtic! The Celtics finally had their young budding superstar that they could move foward with. Yes, the Celtics gave up a lot to get him, I understand. But in the NBA 25-year-old superstars, NBA champion point guards in their prime don’t become available. This gave the Celtics two superstars Kyrie and Gordon. We all know this is a superstar league, you need at least three to really compete with teams like Golden State. Once Jaylon and Jayson meet what I think is superstar potential, watch out NBA.

Danny Ainge should already have NBA executive of the year award wrapped up. Bob Myers from Golden State won it last season, but lets be real the warriors are a freight train and Kevin Durant went their because of what that team had going on, he didn’t get traded for. Danny Ainge proved me wrong. He waited it out and got the guy he wanted and still made two number three overall picks in the draft. He has turned this Celtics team into a full-fledged contender and ton of fun to just watch. If he doesn’t win the award this season its a crime, and the NBA should be ashamed of themselves.

I guess my point here is to really say thank you Danny, I wasn’t always sure of the plan but you were right. I trust Danny Ainge, and now I’m confident that he will bring another championship to Boston.

Written By: Danny Dipietrantonio (@donato05)

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