OH John Henry….

Welp…. I take back what I said that Redsox won the trade because of Price sitting out and the  season shortening. You probably heard that Mookie Betts signed a mega-deal to make him more than likely finish his career in LA. When it is all said and done, I wouldn’t be surprised if when Betts goes into the Hall of Fame that he chooses to wear the LA hat during his introduction ceremony. Mookie will probably get an invite to the 2018 reunion. He should get into the Red Sox Hall of Fame. But this was a huge miss of an opportunity to make Mookie Betts a Red Sox for life. That puts him in the same breath as Williams, Yaz, Rice, and Ortiz. Instead he will be in the same breath as Boggs, Clemens, Fisk, Lester, and other Red Sox greats. But these greats ended up becoming legends for other teams.

Whose to Blame?

As Redsox fans look for closure or blame there is only one person that is accountable, and it’s John Henry. I understand that people can make an argument saying that he has spent money. He will still spend money, and helped put together four World Series Championship teams with said amount of money. Yes, we all know that the Redsox have spent money, but they have not done it smartly. Signing with Edgar Renteria, Julio Lugo, Dice-K, Carl Crawford, Adrian Gonzalez, Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval as free agents. Only to end up cheaping out Jon Lester and Mookie Betts who the Redsox brought up from their own system and helped contribute to who they are in the league today is not spending money smartly in my opinion. With the four championships that the Redsox have won, 3 of them need to be attributed to maybe the best GM or at least one of the best in Theo Epstein. When Epstein ran the baseball ops for 10 seasons: they won 2 World Series, appeared in 4 ALCS, and made the postseason 6 times. They missed the playoffs 4 times. But in those years they won 93, 86, 90, and 90 games. They were very much so stable during Epstein’s time as GM.

The Theo Epstein Era

Since the Theo Epstein Era, the Redsox have won two World Series championships. They also dealt with two different cores, suffered 3 last place finishes and missed the playoffs 4 times. Now with the recent core of Betts, Benny, Bogaerts, Sale, and Devers it feels like they didn’t want to give this core a longer window. The only one that didn’t have a long term deal out of their core was Mookie. 

Yes, the Redsox will always spend money and go on championship runs. But they will never be the most consistent organization like they were from the years 2002-2011. Until John Henry sells the team and now might be the best time to sell, this city will not become a baseball city until we get an ownership group committed to baseball and baseball alone.


You have made Redsox and Fenway park a destination and event for all fans. But it’s time to sell the team John!

-Fiesta (@tsf52)

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