Did The Celtics Gain Momentum With Their Big Christmas Win?

Last night’s 121-114 overtime win over the 76ers was huge for this struggling Celtics team.

However, this win does not give them any momentum. Last night’s win was due to Kyrie Irving exploding for 40 points. He took over this game single-handedly and hit shot after shot down the stretch. I also have to give credit to the Celtics 4th quarter defense. They stepped up and forced the 76ers to shoot 24% from the field. 

The Celtics will have to show me more than one win against a winning team at home that they have momentum.

For instance, they play the next three games on the road (Houston, Memphis, San Antonio). These are three games that the Celtics should have no problem with. Houston is struggling with CP3 staying healthy, and Memphis/San Antonio are both struggling to even have a winning record. 

As you can tell, I am going to keep criticizing this team until they prove me wrong. They grabbed two wins at home. Now it is time to go on the road and prove themselves.

I want to see Gordon Hayward get more involved. Marcus Morris is cooking right now, but he is not a long-term solution to this starting line up. I could see the Celtics making a trade over the next couple of weeks as well. Right now there are just too many people fighting for playing time on this roster.

Earlier today, the Celtics started talking to the Mavericks about a potential trade deal. The deal involves Terry Rozier and Dennis Smith Jr. Rozier has wanted out of Boston since earlier this season. He believes that he isn’t receiving enough playing time.

Rozier will also be a restricted free agent this summer. In return, the Celtics would receive 21-year-old lottery pick Dennis Smith Jr.

Danny Ainge would most likely use Smith as trade bait to go after a bigger player.

-Connor Strayer (@CouchGuyBigC)

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