Tom Brady Intends to Play Beyond Next Season

Well, it looks like Tom Brady is still a man of his word.

At 40 years old, Brady finished 5th in the NFL in completion percentage (66.3%), 1st in yards (4,577), 3rd in total QBR (73.2%), 21st in INT’s (8), won league MVP, and led his team to back-to-back Super Bowl appearances. 41 hasn’t treated him nearly as well. He currently ranks 19th in completion percentage (65.4%), 9th in yards (4,105), 10th in total QBR (67.4%), and 12th in INT’s (11). While those aren’t necessarily awful numbers, they are still down from last year.

These statistics aren’t nearly enough for me to say that he’s in the midst of a full decline. But whenever I’ve watched him this season I feel like he’s looked a bit off. The offense as a whole has been very up and down this year, which isn’t entirely his fault, but there have definitely been moments where his decision making has been questionable. The interception he threw to Joe Haden in Pittsburgh two weeks ago specifically was a head scratcher. There were even moments in the Miami game the week before where he didn’t look right.

The drop in his level of play from 40 to 41 is mildly concerning to me. But I don’t think Brady would trot out there like Peyton Manning did in 2015 and look like absolute shit. I trust him to know when he’s done. So if TB12 really thinks he has at least two more years left beyond this season, I’m all for it. I just hope they surround him with some god damn talent so his last few seasons aren’t a complete waste of time. Get the most out of the GOAT while you still can.

-Nick Cherico (@CouchGuyCherico)

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