Did the Boston Red Sox Botch the 2021 Trade Deadline?

The question going into the Trade Deadline was how far would Chaim Bloom go to upgrade this team. Well, on Friday; Red Sox fans found out it wasn’t as far as they’d like it to go as far as the trade deadline was concerned.

The Boston Red Sox at the Trade Deadline added a big bat in Kyle Schwarber and two arms in Hansel Robles and Austin Davis. All this while shipping out only two prospects and Major Leaguer, Michael Chavis.

The approach to the deadline was much different from what fans hoped for. While other teams like the Yankees and Blue Jays shipped out prospects left and right for big names like Jose Berrios and Joey Gallo, the Red Sox were under the radar. Let’s break down why, and why I think some fans could be overreacting to this past Friday.

Why Did Bloom and the Red Sox Pretty Much Stand Pat at the Trade Deadline?

I’ll make this short and sweet. Friday may have been one of the most insane Trading Deadlines I have seen in the MLB. Players were flying off the board left and right. For the first time since I can remember, high-rated prospects were getting packaged in these deals. This is where everything should start to become clear, why Bloom stands still.

Kiley McDaniel of ESPN tweeted out a very interesting tidbit of the deadline after the White Sox acquired Craig Kimbrel.

This is a big reason why Bloom wouldn’t budge, why give up top-end prospects for guys that have 1-2 years left on their contracts. He is staying true to what he has said all along, and he re-stated it in his post-deadline presser on Friday.

For some of these players, the price is too high, especially after Max Scherzer and Trea Turner moved to the Dodgers for some very high-end prospects. It is this type of transaction that will ultimately shape the market.

The Precarious Choice of Kyle Schwarber over Anthony Rizzo

Before I dive into the reason we need not overreact, I want to cover one of the biggest deadline questions for the team. Why Schwarber and not Rizzo?

It appeared to be a match made in heaven, and I will be honest I got myself excited for a possible reunion with an ex-Sox draft pick, Anthony Rizzo. Rizzo could have fit perfectly into what the team was looking for. One of the biggest positions at the deadline for the Sox was first base, where the Sox rank almost dead last in the position.

It seemed that it was going to happen, until late Thursday night when the rival New York Yankees swooped in and snatched Rizzo up. Every Sox fan was devastated. Then, that same night Bloom pulled the trigger to bring in lefty bat, Kyle Schwarber.

But why didn’t Bloom pull the trigger on Rizzo? Well, no one really knows and we may never know. If it was, my guess was that the prospect return for the Yankees was just an offer the Cubs couldn’t refuse. Now, Schwarber hasn’t played first base since Cape Cod League, that doesn’t mean he can’t learn. In fact, I think we are all going to be surprised by this trade, and Schwarber will in fact be a good first baseman. When he is in the lineup, the power in his bat will tell you why Bloom ended up picking Schwarber.

Why the Fans Need Not to Overreact Over this Deadline

Look, the deadline did not go as we expected, in all honesty, I wasn’t expecting much. Chaim Bloom though had a message to those disappointed fans.

The Boston Red Sox are in a great spot right now. Holding one of the best records in the league. With Chris Sale about 2 weeks out from returning, Jaren Durran being electric, and the rise of Tanner Houck, this team is in a fantastic spot. Would it have been nice to add depth to the rotation? Of course, but this team isn’t going to pull the trigger just to pull that trigger.

It is okay to be upset, but do not let it get in the way of the big goal, the Sox are contenders, no one thought they would be here at this point already. Bloom isn’t gonna blow up the farm he just started re-stocking just for a couple of rentals and one championship. Bloom has a plan to bring more than just one championship to this team. The plan started with the farm system.

The way this team has played this year, not a lot of massive moves had to be made, with the chip on their shoulder mentality they have, this team can achieve anything.

So in conclusion: No, the Boston Red Sox did not botch this year’s deadline.

–Jeff Hoak (@Jeffhoak1)

Image Courtesy of the Boston Red Sox.

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