Dear Blue Jays, Please Give Baseball Fans What They Want

For those of us who watched baseball back in the mid-2000s, the name Vlad Guerrero will certainly sound familiar. He was a tremendous hitter who was known to swing at anything. Well his son just might be better.

Meet Vladimir Guerrero Jr. His size and the fact that he is apart of the Toronto system leads to him often being mistaken for a moose. He’s also a hell of a baseball player.

The past few years in the minors he’s been raking. Since 2016 he has hit 41 homeruns with a .331 batting average for every level of the Blue Jays farm system. Words can’t do his hitting ability any justice. The ball simply sounds different off of his bat.

That’s pure baseball porn. I could listen to that sounds all day. Outside of the pure golden sound the ball makes coming off his bat, the ball also happens to go far, really far.

He also happens to be 19 years old, turning 20 in March.

Guerrero is the top player on the MLB Pipeline’s Top 100 prospects. So clearly he should be a no brainer roster player for opening day, right?

Not if you’re a franchise like Toronto that clearly doesn’t like winning or selling tickets. General Manager Ross Atkins was non-committal when asked about a potential roster spot for the phenom, saying that “there’s no firm timeline” in regard to his status as a Major League player.

Our demand as fans-

We want Vlad! I’m a Sox fan and even I want to see this guy crush a ball over the Monster. I’m all for letting young players develop because brining them up too early can ruin their psyche. This guy is different though. He grew up around big-leaguers. Knows how to handle the spot-light. Clearly has the talent to play at the top level. So please Mr. Atkins, on behalf of baseball fans worldwide, roster Vlad Guerrero Jr. and give him a chance.


-Dillon Leary


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