Dave Gettleman Likely to Return as Giants GM

The Giants season is now over and have officially locked up the 11th overall pick. There was some major controversy over how the Giants season ended. They did their part in beating the Cowboys in week 17, and they needed a little help from the Eagles against the Washington Football Team. Doug Pederson inexplicably decided to bench Jalen Hurts for Nate Sudfeld late in the game. A lot of people, including Eagles running back, Miles Sanders.

Say whatever you want about the Giants winning 6 games and relying on another team to make the playoffs. However, that wa the situation they were in and deserve to be angry about how things unfolded.

Lost in the mix of anger and frustration, the Giants are likely to bring back Dave Gettleman as general manager next season. Let me explain why this is a bad idea.


Dave Gettleman oversaw one of the worst 3-year stretches in franchise history

Ultimately, we judge people and teams on their win-loss record. For Dave Gettleman, that means he oversaw one of (if not the worst) 3 year stretch in franchise history. In his 3 years as Giants GM, Gettleman has gone a whopping 15-33. His best record was this season at 6-10. Technically, that is an improvement from the previous two seasons. However, we should not be rewarding a 6 win season.

The Game has Passed Him

Dave Gettleman has been in football for a long time. He has been a general manager for the past 8 seasons (5 with the Panthers and 3 with Giants). In his time in front offices, the game has changed in so many different ways and Gettleman has failed to adapt. Everyone has seen the infamous picture of his draft night set up. While many other teams had elaborate set ups, Gettleman sat in his living room on two laptops.

He finally made a decent decision in drafting Andrew Thomas with the fourth overall pick. Thomas struggled mightily the first couple games, but really improved over the course of the season and looks to be the franchise left tackle he was drafted to be.

Started the Rebuild too late

After going 3-13 in 2017, the Giants had the perfect opportunity to kickstart their rebuild. They had the second overall pick in a draft that was filled with quarterback talent. They had their choice of Sam Darnold, Josh Allen, or even Josh Rosen (I still believe if he was given a chance he would be good). However, Gettleman thought he could win and make the playoffs with a 3-13 roster by adding a running back. Listen, I am a Penn State fan and Saquon Barkley was one of my favorite players. However, taking him at 2 was a huge mistake by Gettleman. The running back is one of the last positions you add when building a competitive roster, not one of the first in a rebuild.

It was not until after Barkley’s rookie season did they decide to commit to the rebuild. Ultimately, Gettleman’s legacy 100% depends on if Daniel Jones is a franchise quarterback. If he does not hit, that sets the Giants back even further.

Final Thoughts

This was a very fun season as a Giants fan. For the first time in a long time, we actually saw some progress on the field. The offense still has a long way to go, but the defense under Patrick Graham made some major strides. Kudos to Gettleman for the hire of Joe Judge. Judge looks like he is ready to become a household name in the NFL. If I am the Giants, I would look into giving full control over to Judge. Give that man the keys to the franchise and I bet you see them take off. Gettleman has set the franchise back too many times, and it is time for him to go.

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