Patriots 2021 Opponents Announced

We’re on to 2021. The 2021 season concluded on Sunday with a 28-14 victory over the New York Jets. The Patriots finished the season with a 7-9 record and enter the offseason with more questions than answers. Today, the Patriots officially shared who their opponents will be for the 2021-2022 season. So, atleast there’s one question answered about what will the 2021 season bring. As for the other questions, those will be answered in future. For now, let’s take a look to see who the Patriots will be going up against next season.

The announcement

Home games

Well, the Patriots will be challenged at home next season. Five playoff teams are coming to Foxborough next season. If fans are welcome back, fans get the pleasure of seeing, Baker Mayfield and that Cleveland Browns offense, Alvin Kamara and the Saints, Derrick Henry and the Titans offense, and (most likely) Trevor Lawrence with the Jaguars. Oh yeah, look who else is coming to Foxborough next year. Tom Brady. Brady makes his return to Foxborough next year and fans took notice right away.

Needless to say, it’s obvious what game every Patriots fan will try to go to next year if fans are allowed. Other than that, the other home game that should stand out is the Cleveland Browns game. Next season, Cleveland will be trying to prove that they aren’t a one season cinderella team. Fans should be very excited that Cleveland is coming to Foxborough.


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Let’s get this overwith. Yes, as previously stated, Tom Brady will be coming back to Gilette for the first time since signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Based on how the fans were this year, expect to hear cheers if the fans are back. However, there will be fans who will boo Brady. Other than Tom, it is possible that Gronk could be having a homecoming as well. Gronk is scheduled to be a free agent when Tampa’s season ends, but it could be possible that Brady (again) convinces him to come back and play one more season. Expect boos to Gronk. Most fans aren’t happy Gronk came back just to play with Brady.

Away games

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It seems like the Patriots are making yearly trips to Houston. This will be the third straight season New England travels to Houston to face Deshaun Watson and the Houston Texans. The last two trips resulted in losses for New England. They also make a trip to Indianapolis where they could potentially be going up against Jacoby Brissett. Brissett started his career in New England and got to start one game due to Brady being suspended and Jimmy Garoppolo being injured. New England also travels to Atlanta for the first time since Super Bowl 51. The two teams faced each other the following season after the Super Bowl. Can New England replicate it’s 45-0 performance against the Chargers again? We all get a chance to find out. The one away game that stands out though is Carolina. Patriots fans probably don’t want to hear this but, it could be possible that Cam Newton could return to New England and face his former team in Carolina. The Patriots haven’t played at Carolina since 2013.

Final Thoughts

The home part of the schedule is brutal. With five playoff teams coming into Foxborough it won’t be easy winning at home. It seems like the road scheudle will surprisingly be the easy part. It’s too early to say how the team will do next year with these opponents. However, as all football fans know, anything can happen on any given Sunday.

-Matt Burnett (@mattthew_jordan on Twitter) 


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