Dave Dombrowski Is KILLING the Red Sox

I’ll start this off by saying up until this point I’ve been a huge Dave Dombrowski fan. Now, he’s killing the Red Sox. They’re one weekend series loss to the Yankees, away from being well, outta contention for the AL East. If that does happen, it falls squarely on Dombrowski’s shoulders.

A lot of people want to blame Alex Cora for whats going on so far this season, but they’re dead wrong. He is just playing the hand he was dealt. Both him an Dombrowski have talked about easing the starting pitching into the year and not burning them out early on, badly enough that they have nothing left come October. There are two major problems with that though!

The first is that that may be a great strategy and could work, if you had reliable arms in the bullpen. At this point no one is really reliable.

Matt Barnes has made me eat my words so far this season and is the most consistent reliever we have. He’s definitely helped, but that’s one guy! If you fall to him every situation you need, then he’ll be burnt out come October! There is relief pitching help still on the free agent market and Dombrowski just doesn’t want to spend the money because that would push them over the luxury cap.

To that all I would say, is we’re the Boston Red Sox not the Tampa Bay Rays, who by the way ARE IN FRONT OF US IN THE STANDINGS, if I can spend $10 on a bud light to watch this bag of bums attempt to win a game, you can spend extra money to put a winning product on the field for your fans.

The second issue goes hand in hand with the first, it’s simply if you don’t fix the issue now, THERE IS NO OCTOBER!

We’re 7.5 games back of the Yankees going into a crucial, now 3 game series, with them. You lose all three of those games, now we’re sitting 10.5 games back and fall back to below the .500 win mark. To make matters worse, we’re tied with the god damn Oakland A’s for the second spot in the Wild Card. So, let me just put this into perspective, the Tampa Bay Rays and the Oakland A’s, two small market teams that hate spending money on players, are now ahead of the BOSTON RED SOX! All because DomDom is sitting up their afraid of the extra money he’ll have to spend if they go over the luxury tax! Figure it the F**K OUT!

I said it last week and I’ll say it now, if we don’t  take this series against the Yankees, the season is DONE! That’s my rant on the current state of the Red Sox. Thank you for stopping by. Hopefully you don’t see me jumping off the Zakim sometime in the next 4 days.

Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95) 


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