Jaylen Brown Put On A CLINIC In Pick Up Play

While the NBA Finals are going on, the Celtics are home in the midst of a potentially franchise changing off-season. Will Kyrie Irving leave? Will Anthony Davis finally become a Celtic? Will Terry Rozier get his starting role elsewhere? Nobody knows those answers yet. One thing that is for certain, however, is that Jaylen Brown is continuing to put in work. He played pick up basketball the other day and he put on an absolute CLINIC!

What A Show Brown Put On!

Holy crap, look at those handles! Look, let’s call it like it happened. Jaylen Brown’s stock went way up after the Celtics brief 2019 playoff run. He is making it very difficult for the Celtics to include him in any potential trade package. Imagine if he can potentially make NBA defenders look as silly as these two guys looked in a pick up game? Man, would that be something to behold!

In Conclusion

Jaylen is putting in some work this off-season. I really hope this guy remains a Celtic when the 2019-2020 season comes around. Could he be gone? Absolutely. But, let’s take the time now to appreciate his talent and laugh at how good Jaylen Brown can still become in the NBA. The shot was just as smooth as the handles too.

-Alan Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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