4 Careers in Sports You Can Get Without Being a World-Class Athlete

Not everyone who loves sports has the athletic talent and ability to make a career out of playing at the professional level. Let’s face it—few do. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give up on your dream. There are actually many careers for those who still wish to work in a sports-related field. The following are just a few of the professional occupations you can pursue in athletics without being a world-class competitor.

Athletic Trainer

An athletic trainer works closely with team physicians and coaches to provide preventative services and emergency care after athletes sustain injuries. As an athletic trainer you may also be responsible for diagnosing conditions and assisting with rehabilitation. Athletic trainers are a vital part of team and individual sports. You may have the opportunity to work with athletes at the high school, college or professional level.

Athletic Director

Some schools have degree programs specifically designed to help prepare you for a rigorous and nuanced career as an athletic director. The athletic director is responsible for directly overseeing the sports programs at a school. This career is ideal for those who like to be in charge and who aren’t afraid of responsibility.

Sports Physical Therapist

If you’re into medical science and want to work with athletes, a career as a physical therapist who specializes in sports-related therapy is perfect. A sports physical therapist learns specifically how to deal with injuries and conditions that are common among athletes. This demanding job will require you to assess athletes’ physical condition based on their symptoms or injuries and come up with the best method for their recovery.

Sports and Fitness Nutritionist

Food and nutrition are important aspects of being a successful athlete. That’s why many professional players employ the services of a nutritionist. As a sports nutritionist, you will have the opportunity to work closely with athletes in order to help them develop a healthy diet plan based upon their physical needs. Sports nutritionists are an essential part of the team, and they’re dedicated to helping athletes reach their maximum potential in their particular field.

Most professional athletes have a whole team behind them to help them reach their peak performance. While those people behind the scenes aren’t given the acknowledgment and fame, they are essential to assisting athletes achieve success in their chosen sport. A career in one of these fields will bring joy to anyone who loves sports and finds fulfillment in helping others reach their goals.

Even if you can’t become a professional athlete, the good news is you can always turn on your TV and watch your favorite ones play. For your latest sports-related news, check out our weekly Couch Guy Sports Podcast.

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