Cristiano Ronaldo Returns To Manchester United!

It’s been an intense 24 hours since the news of Cristiano Ronaldo wanting to comeback to Manchester. At first, the story was that Ronaldo had interest in potentially joining Manchester City. Now, 24 hours later, the return of Ronaldo to United seems inevitable, sending United fans into a frenzy of emotions.

Breaking News: Ronaldo Is Back!

The return of the king is here!

First report comes live from Juventus correspondent, Romeo Agresti. The deal bringing Cristiano Ronaldo to United is a done deal!

Now, an hour later, the major news hit the internet!

What This Means for United?

Manchester has been one of the busiest clubs during the summer transfer window this season. The devils started their window having acquired Jadon Sancho. Next, the Devils mustered a deal that would bring defensive center-back, Raphael Varane to the club. Now, they have added a gigantic threat having brought back Ronaldo himself.

What this all means for United is simple. Bringing Ronaldo back gives this team depth in experience, brings back a passion for the club that for awhile felt missing. For the club, it also re-energizes everyone around it! Looking at young talents like Bruno, Jadon Sancho, Marcus Rashford just to name a few, having someone like Ronaldo in the team brings a drive like no other. Finally, bringing a true Manchester United DNA to display which has been something that fans have missed for quite a bit.

The Deal Itself.

Cristiano Ronaldo had made it clear yesterday to Juventus that he wanted to leave.

After a 40-minute departure from Turin, Ronaldo left Juventus for good with the expectations of a move to the English Premier League. Of course, we all know that the first rumor was that he would join Manchester City which was prematurely called a “Done Deal” by Portuguese analyst, Goncalo Lopes. The same guy who once said that Bruno Fernandes to Tottenham was a done deal. We all know how that went!

Overnight, as Ronaldo became inpatient that City just kept having discussions only, Jorge Mendes, his agent got in contact with United. From there, United moved quick to make the move and now the deal is signed and sealed.

Manchester United agreed to pay 15 Million pounds with 8 Million added on as a fee to Juventus for Ronaldo. At least, about 20 Million will be guaranteed as some of the add-ons agreed upon are easily attainable. Additionally, United avoid dealing Paul Pogba to Juventus, ensuring that he was NEVER even a part of the negotiation process with Juventus.

Finishing Thoughts.

The return of Ronaldo brings Manchester United’s fanbase to a state of a frenzy! Much of the core of the fans for this club are millennials who grew up watching Ronaldo back in the day with Sir Alex Ferguson. Now, as the team has been in full rebuild mode this year, having Ronaldo back gives a new sense of hope to United Fans who want to see this team lift a trophy this year.

As a fan of United, today is an incredibly emotional day and exciting one too. As a fan of the sport, this just makes Ronaldo’s story sound like it came full circle.

Welcome back, Cristiano!

(Featured Image credit to sportskeeda.com)

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