#SoccerSaturdays: Return of the King? Manchester United Linked To Ronaldo Return

Happy Saturday everybody and welcome back to another #SoccerSaturday!

As I am sure many of you have seen across Twitter, sources are reporting on the possibilities of the king, Cristiano Ronaldo coming back to Manchester United.

So you may be wondering, Diego how do you as Manchester fan feel about this? Well, I am super excited should this happen but the main topic here should be, what will Manchester give to Juventus to make this happen? Allow me to walk you through what I believe should be a reasonable trade with the Bianchineri side.

Juventus – Manchester United Trade.

Personally, I think making a fair trade to Juventus to get Ronaldo back will be a costly move but one that will align the short-term goal of a championship coming to Old Trafford.

While it is a short-term goal, it may also lead to a shift in attitude at Old Trafford, where players realize the club and nature they are playing for. So the real question comes down to being, is Cristiano Ronaldo an essential move?

As a Manchester United fan, I don’t think anyone would oppose the idea to bring Ronaldo. However, what pieces leave the club will also be important to think of and here are some of my ideas:

Paul Pogba:

Paul Pogba and Manchester United are stuck together - The Busby Babe

I think that for Paul, the time has come to move away from Manchester and make the best out of a return to Turin. Pogba’s time at Turin was sensational and he has the youth still to secure more years ahead under Pirlo at the helm. Paul could also use some true leadership in a big role model like Andrea Pirlo and this could spark a rebirth at the Paul Pogba the world knows of, rather than just a bench warmer hoping for breathing room in a team with zero consistency like the current Manchester United.

Jesse Lingard

Jesse Lingard (@JesseLingard) | Twitter

If the Glazers were somewhat of a smart family, they should consider trading Jesse Lingard to Juventus. Why do I say that? Jesse is the perfect type of player right now that is so under-utilized and that can recharge his batteries with an opportunity for further growth and where else to do that than at Juventus.

Lingard’s versatility to be a midfielder but also a front forward allow for a double threat use for Pirlo. Therefore, benefiting big time from Jesse at a low cost.

Ronaldo – Fernandes Connection?

Here is where the excitement comes to play big time!

We all know how essential Ronaldo was in the signing of Bruno Fernandes to Manchester United. Now the important part becomes, how does Ronaldo get Fernandes to that next level of talent!

I think Fernandes has the world available to him to become the next big thing in soccer, he is a leader on and off the field, he is driven and hungry and his sincerest passion is winning.

For Solksjaer, a Ronaldo and Fernandes connection would save his career as manager of a big club. However, he will need to align the club in a strong manner. Here is what I would recommend should the signing happen:

In Conclusion:

While the uncertainty will continue to prevail until God knows when. Right now the focus for Manchester United has got to be in finding a consistent lineup to rely on and develop a game to focus with and ride the rest of the season with the hopes of a top 4 spot.

The other focus has got to be for the Glazers and Ed Woodward that if Ole Gunnar Solksjaer doesn’t deliver results, it may time to move on from him and bring a serious name to lead this talented squad.

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~Diego Galvis (@Diego_TheDJ On Twitter).

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