Couch Guy Sports Podcast Episode 92: The Rafters Podcast Special Guests | Patriots AFC Championship | Celtics Backfire

On this week’s Couch Guy Sports Podcast we had our guys on from the NEW podcast by Couch Guy Sports, “The Rafters Podcast”. Connor, who’s been on the Couch Guy Sports Podcast a ton, and Riley are our new hosts of our Celtics only show where they will hit on the hottest Celtics news and updates every single week. A new episode drops every Wednesday so don’t be a dummy and miss it.

No Jared this week so it’s just Nick and The Rafters boys talking about the Patriots and Celtics drama.

Somehow, after all of the crap we talked about them all season long, the Patriots found their way into their eighth straight AFC Championship game. How did they dismantle the Chargers who were supposedly one of, if not THE most balanced team in football?

Now that they’re moving on to Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs, can they advance to their third straight Super Bowl? Will the AFC Championship be too much for this team? They’ve been garbage on the road for the most part of the season with a 3-5 record and some awful losses, but can they somehow figure it out?

Moving on to the Celtics drama, Kyrie is pointing fingers at the young guys and Jaylen Brown is rebutting in his post game interviews. After losing three games in a row to teams they should have beaten relatively easily, what has to change?

Do the Celtics need to make a trade now? And does Brad Stevens deserve more blame than he’s been getting?

All of that and more on this week’s Couch Guy Sports Podcast episode 92.

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