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With the off-season here quicker than expected with us Patriots fans, it’s time to think ahead to 2021. We don’t even have the luxury of watching the Patriots in the wild card weekend. So let the rumors start flying, shall we? This article is very simple. It’s to ask a bunch of CGS folks what they want to see the Patriots do in the off-season. The opinions will be different. Some might have opinions that are completely off the wall. But you know what? Let’s have some fun with this!

Tom “Powder” Cadmus- Sign Allen Robinson

I like where Powder is headed here. The Patriots need a wide receiver that can make some big time plays. Allen Robinson is a guy that can make big time plays at the receiver position. He’s probably going to move on Chicago from this off-season. The Patriots have salary cap and Robinson is a legitimate target you could bring in here.

Diego Galvis- Sign Dak Prescott

Diego might be onto something here. Dak Prescott is somebody to keep an eye on in the off-season. The Cowboys will probably be doing everything in their power to resign him. But if they can’t, what other options does Dak have? Stable coaching and a well-known ownership? I’m just saying, anything can happen.

Waleed Jeha- Sign Chris Godwin

Maybe Waleed read my article from last week about Godwin. But hey, he’s thinking all options! Chris Godwin is young and probably will want to be a number one receiver somewhere. He’s young, but injuries could be a problem with the current Buccaneer receiver. But if he’s healthy and out there, take a shot!

Tom “Fiesta” Satham-Fisette- Trade for Deshaun Watson

Fiesta and I were drooling over this last night on Legends Lingo. Deshaun Watson is VERY unhappy with the Texans right now. They’re bad and they aren’t involving him in making the entire franchise better. Watson can be your long-term answer at QB for at least the next 5-7 years at the WORST. This might be in the lead for me as far as favorite moves is concerned.

Matt Burnett- Trade Up in the Draft for Zach Wilson

Matty B continues to throw out quite the opinions. Zach Wilson to New England could be a great fit for the long-term. He’s a big body at 6’3 and 210 pounds. The BYU QB is regarded as one of the better QB’s in this draft after Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields. If you can trade up for Zach Wilson and he pans out in the NFL, then that’s a HUGE win for the Patriots.

Nick Quaglia- Sell the Franchise!

Yeah…not gonna lie here, NO idea where Quags head is here. Could he mean for the Krafts to give up the Patriots? I don’t know. Honestly, tag Quags on twitter and ask him what he means by this. Cause I just have flat out no idea!

Al Nahigian- Sign Hunter Henry

Honestly, a lot of the moves I thought of before were taken by my counterparts above. Hunter Henry on a low-risk, high reward deal would be great. He’s a guy that’s going to be a red zone threat for the Patriots. Only obstacle is convincing Henry not to go back with the Chargers, considering Justin Herbert looks like the real deal. Henry would immediately help the Patriots.

In Conclusion

Most of these ideas are great (sorry Quags!) and would help the Patriots. Will they all happen? Obviously not! Could a few of them happen? Maybe. But you have to do something. You have a mid first-round pick and cap space to work with this off-season. Make some moves and get back in contention for 2021.

Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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