The Duo That Is Single Handily Saving Baseball

Over the decades of baseball, there have been many people who change the game of baseball and its fandom right before our eyes, from Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier to Hank Aaron breaking Babe Ruth’s Home Run record to Ken Griffey’s backward hat that every kid in the early 2000s copied.  Well, there is a new sheriff(s) in town, and this time they are taking the driver’s seat on rewriting the “unwritten rules” of baseball. Their names are Trevor Bauer and Rachel Luba.

Who The Hell Is Rachel Luba?

If you don’t know her name by now, you will. She is Trevor Bauer’s Agent who graduated from UCLA, started her own sports agency, was named to Forbes 30 under 30 list this year, and just so happens to be actively turning this male-dominated industry on its head. Like her top of the market client, she is very unapologetic. She has no issues calling out the BS these baseball writers are throwing out there so far in this very lackadaisical winter free agency. Most notably, going after Jon Heyman:

Her response to this, what seems like, false report.

Get him, Rachel!

What’s The Big Deal

The big deal here is, reporters like Jon Heyman, who are big-name baseball reporters, are just fishing for headlines when there is virtually nothing there. As you can see from the exchange, Heyman got bored and tired of waiting, so he fired off a tweet on the ol’ twitter machine expecting nothing to come over it besides trying to stir up some headlines. Well, Jon, say hello to Rachel. Good for Rachel; never before have we seen an agent be so open about their client’s free-agent process, and we DEFINITELY don’t see them going at top name reporters like Heyman.


This is EXACTLY what baseball needs. More transparency for the younger crowd to stay in tune during absolutely boring free agency periods like the one we are currently experiencing. Bauer has been at the forefront of this process by having vlogs and being vocal on Twitter about the absurdities that the MLB puts in place. Glad to now see his agent is the same way. Heyman reporting stuff that is not true and contradicting everything that Bauer has said. Rachel and Bauer would not have any of that an put him squarely in his place. I personally am pumped to see Rachel’s career continue to skyrocket over the next coming year. The sky is the limit for her. As for Bauer, he is a cancer to the game of baseball….just kidding! Like him or not, he is absolutely perfect for the game of baseball and growing its popularity all over the world, and if you disagree with that, you are part of the problem.

-Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95)

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