Copa America Final: Messi vs. Neymar Battle!

Ladies and gentlemen, happy Saturday!

For those of you that are soccer fans, it is going to be quite the weekend! Make sure to have a few nice cold beers, a comfortable couch to sit on and enjoy the show. On this weekend, we have some excitement happening and the first one we will talk about today is the Copa America final between Argentina and Brazil.

Let’s talk about how each team got here and what they need to do to lift that trophy this weekend.

Argentina’s Messi Copa America Tournament!

What an amazing tournament it has been for Argentina this year. While the start to this tournament was a bit rocky due to the lack of chemistry this team had, they have found their rhythm and look pretty good. It’d be wrong of me not to point out how important Lionel Messi’s leadership has been for this team who look re-energized and motivated for this big moment.

Additionally for Argentina, their goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez has been a stronghold of confidence and trust in net for this team. In the Copa America Semifinals match against Colombia, Martinez was key for them to get to this moment. Will he be key to their success? Maybe!

As I look at Argentina, I think of two components that can surely help them lift this trophy. The first one being, start Sergio Aguero upfront with Lautaro Martinez. If there is anyone that can create issues defensively for this Brazilian team would be him and with Lautaro, it could simply be a lot for Brazil to handle and would give Argentina that dominant edge.

Secondly, ensure that Angel Di Maria is also on the field with Messi. Angel gives Messi an edge of creativity and allows Messi to open up the midfield especially against a Brazilian team that relies heavily on Fred to shut down that attack. If you are Fred, you simply know that handling Messi and Di Maria will be too much!

If Argentina does this, It would increase their ball possession, but would also create chances that could make Brazil’s defense feel desperate and create errors.

Brazil’s Way To The Trophy!

Now onto Brazil.

What can we say about brazil that isn’t known already. The Brazilians are well stacked this year with a team consisting on several creative ways to deliver a powerful attack. The likes of Neymar, Richarlison and Lucas Paqueta have given life to this team. However, there are some things they need to be very mindful of and utilize in full.

Brazil has to be mindful of their center-midfield defensive game and here is why! Argentina possesses the most lethal threat in midfield with Lionel Messi and by having Fred covering him, it won’t even cut it for a second. Casemiro really doesn’t have much of a chemistry with Fred and realistically Casemiro is more of a CAM than a CDM.

However, if you are Brazil you have a major opportunity that you should exploit in full. Brazil, you must use your aerial game to your advantage! If Brazil aims for the corner kick game and the aerial opportunities, unleashing Thiago Silva and Marquinhos on Argentina could be deadly for Messi and company.

Lastly, Brazil do yourself a favor. Stay away from controversial calls in your favor. You are Brazil and should not be relying on that game at all!

Copa America Final Prediction!

So now the question is, who do I see winning this tournament?

Personally, nothing against Brazil but for some reason my gut tells me that Messi will be on a whole different level tonight. For Argentina and Messi, this is a big need in their resume as Messi’s prolific career continues. Argentina have experienced a lot of let downs in previous tournaments and this here is a big battle for Messi to shut the critics.

Therefore, my prediction is that we will see Messi fully unleashed tonight and inspired to win it all. Argentina’s national team this year is gelling well together and truly do trust one another, it is a big component that has been missed before and this year they have it. I am going with Brazil winning this thing 2-1 in full-time.

Good luck to both and may the odds be ever in your favor!

(Featured image credit to Foxsports.com)

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