Copa America Semifinals!

What an exciting summer it has been for soccer fans across the globe.

In one hand, we have the Euro 2020 tournament brewing up the perfect ending. In the other hand however, we have the Copa America semifinals happening this week!

So now that we are at the semifinals stage in Copa America, let’s talk about the remaining parts of it!

Copa America Semifinal – Brazil vs. Peru.

Brazil vs Peru Preview, Prediction, Head to head results: Copa America 2021 Semi Final - Alley Sport

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The semifinals match between Brazil and Peru took place last night.

First, allow me to say that Peru should be incredibly proud of themselves. The Peruvians, managed by a Ricardo Gareca driven to fight every step of the way with this team, showed why you never count anyone out before knowing their story. Starting with how incredibly amazing their goalkeeper, Pedro Gallese was for Peru this whole tournament.

Now over to Brazil. Neymar simply had one of his best night ever in this tournament against a Peruvian side that showed no quit what-so-ever. Neymar showed why he is the world class talent he is and now awaits for the winner between Colombia and Argentina. If the final was against Argentina, this is a showdown between Messi and Neymar. However, if it were between Colombia and Brazil, well there is enough controversy against Brazil with Colombia that it could fuel quite the ending! See below for what I mean…

Argentina vs. Colombia

Colombia and Argentina are set to meet for the first time this in this Copa America!

For Colombia, this is an insanely tough matchup in this tournament. So far through Copa America, Colombia has competed without their key midfield player, James Rodriguez due to injury that made him unfit to compete in the tournament. Yet, even without James Rodriguez, Colombia has been the underdog in this competition and performances from the likes of Juan Cuadrado and their goalkeeper, David Ospina, Colombia are finding themselves in a great position.

Colombia will also be tasked with the difficult challenge of containing Lionel Messi in the midfield. They do have a great piece defensively to do the job, however, Wilmar Barrios will need to keep his emotions in check to avoid yellow cards in this game. As long as Colombia can manage to do this, Argentina will have a tough time scoring on a David Ospina who has shown he is in top form in the tournament.

Meanwhile, for Argentina they need to show more of who they are. So far throughout the tournament, Argentina’s performance has been questionable at times. In a way, it’s kind of good for Argentina to display this so at any given moment they could send a shockwave. In other ways, not so much! Argentina has shown signs of vulnerability in their defense and the aerial game is something Colombia is lethal at. If you leave Yerri Mina alone in the box for a header, that will spell disaster coming thru for Argentina.

Also, Argentina needs to do whatever it takes to avoid going into penalties. We all have seen how good Ospina is at these. Besides Messi, Aguero and Di Maria, there really isn’t someone that oozes confidence when taking these PK’s for Argentina.

With that said, 9PM EST can’t come soon enough!

Final Thoughts!

Personally, I am not a big fan of the thought of having Brazil in the final. While yes, their team has been very good and talents like Fred and Richardlison have been fun to watch, simply the theatrics with Neymar and the rest of the team are simply getting old and FIFA referees need to find a way to stop being so biased. In addition to that, Brazil lacks of that same drive that we are used to seeing from them. Remember the days where we used to see Ronaldinho, Ronaldo and Rivaldo just battle in full so Brazil wouldn’t depend on just one player? Yeah, I miss those days!

However, it is Copa America and it is a tournament that desperately needs a format change and new management. I’d personally love for Colombia to win it all, but I am realistic that it is likely not to happen. Therefore, I will be following the tournament with the known fact that this cup is Brazil’s to lose.

(Featured image credit to Marca.com)

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~Diego Galvis (@Diego_TheDJ on Twitter).


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