College Baseball Is Giving Signs Via Electronics

As Chris Henrique wrote College Baseball has been an absolute electric factory in the first weekend. One player has 5 homers in 3 games. Another stroke out 11 batters in 5 innings. But the thing that caught my eye was how Vanderbilt is giving pitches to the defense. This article on USA Today goes into detail on what they were doing. But I will explain it here.


Vanderbilt, a national powerhouse in College Baseball is trying something new this year. All 9 players on defense were a wristband that they get signal for what pitch is being called. That is being called buy the pitching coach. All the defense can shift quickly based on the pitch that is called.


Why you ask? Well this will prevent a runner on second, a base coach, a trash can from telling the hitter what is coming. Also this is quicker than giving a sign and the catcher go to a wristband and look for what those numbers meant. Also as I said before all 9 guys can prepare for what should happen if the batter hits this pitch. If it is off-speed they can move towards the pull side.


As a catcher I HATE THIS SO MUCH!! Part of the skill of becoming a top level catcher is game calling. Also I also preach to my pitchers I coach: only throw a pitch if you are 110% confident in it, shake off the catcher if it is not what you want. The coach is not out there and knowing how truly confident in that pitch call.

Pitchers and catchers should be able to read swings on a hitter. This wristband will never be used above college. So do not use it at any level. Let a catcher and pitcher learn. Especially when some of them are going to play pro ball and maybe even in at the MLB level. This is such a dumb thing for college baseball. I hope this is not a thing that sweeps across all of College Baseball.


I think this is dumb and really hope it is not something that becomes a thing in all of College Baseball. See the tweets from Dallas Braden on how he feels about all of this. Catch me on Legends Lingo every week.

Featured Image From: https://ftw.usatoday.com/lists/vanderbilt-electronic-wristband-signs-pitches-stealing-reaction-college-baseball-video

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