Any talk of a Mac Jones trade is downright ridiculous!

The Patriots seem to finally have their quarterback of the future in Mac Jones. The former Alabama quarterback led the Patriots to a 10 win season in 2021 along with a playoff birth after missing the playoffs in 2020. So this leads me into my next question. WHY are people already talking about a Mac Jones trade in the first place? I’m serious. People are actually throwing this idea out into the universe. Former Patriots tight end Jermaine Wiggins seems to be one of several people on board for a Mac Jones trade. But I’m here to advocate to keep the young quarterback right where he is, in New England!

A Mac Jones Trade Means Back to Square One!

The Patriots wanted to get longevity at the quarterback position. They now have that guy! So why are they going to go out of their way to go back to square one? Cam Newton wasn’t the long-term answer in 2020. Mac Jones is the long-term answer for at least the next 10 years if all of the pieces fall into place. A trade could mean going back to finding a quarterback for the long-term. Why would the Patriots organization, and even some fans, want this? I honestly have no idea.

Who Will You Even Get?

Who will you even get to be your quarterback if you trade Mac Jones? Deshaun Watson? Not with everything going on outside of the football field with him! Russell Wilson? He’s on the back nine of his NFL career. Then who’s out there on the free agency market if you don’t get a QB in a supposed trade? Jameis Winston? Meh, not ideal! And he’s probably be the best FA quarterback on the market! So yeah, let’s keep Mac Jones in New England please!

In Conclusion

I don’t know why this is even being entertained. The Colin Cowherds of the world need to relax and let the kid play his sophomore season before even THINKING about a trade. But if Mac keeps progressing, why would the Patriots want to trade him anyway? Can we please forget this idea and just get ready for 2022? That’d be great, thanks!

-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793 on Twitter)

Featured Image Credit: nbcsports.com

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